Ad Fontes

Ad Fontes: Texts on Central Eurasian Societies and Cultures

The Sinor Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies at Indiana University is pleased to announced the launching of a new imprint — Ad Fontes: Texts on Central Eurasian Societies and Cultures.

This imprint will consist of translations into English from the languages of the region or surrounding territories of primary sources that have scholarly and pedagogical value for what they reveal to readers about the societies that created them or were being observed. We are looking for translations of little known or newly discovered material, either singular texts or collections of texts with a common theme, that are accompanied by the usual apparatus for a scholarly edition:

  • An introduction to the text or texts that places them in both local and comparative contexts;
  • A translation, along with facsimiles of the original(s);
  • Explanatory footnotes;
  • Illustrations and maps as appropriate;
  • A brief bibliography; and,
  • Appropriate indices

The length may vary from 40 to 135 pages, double-spaced, and each project will appear in print and digital versions. Information about publications as they appear will be made available on this page.


No. 1 (forthcoming)

A Tatar Imam’s Refutation of Ernest Renan’s Lecture on “Islam and Science” by Gataulla Baiazitov

Translated and Edited by James Quill, Indiana University


AF no 2 cover

No. 2 (forthcoming)

The Journal of His Highness, the Emir of Bukhara: Beginning with a description of his joyous journey to St. Petersburg, beseeching the Almighty God that it ends prosperously and well by Seid Abd al-Ahad Khan (r. 1885-1910)

Translated and Annotated by Meghan White and Christopher Roush


AF no 3 cover

No. 3 (forthcoming)

On the Question of Educating the Tatars: The Journal of a Gathering of the Tavrida Provincial Zemstvo Administration, 1908

Translated and Edited by Edward J. Lazzerini, Indiana University


AF no 4 cover

No. 4 (forthcoming)

The Tale of the Botanist, Monsieur Jourdain, and the Renowned Magician, Dervish Mesteli Shah by Mirzə Fәtəli Axundzadә

Translated and Edited by Shahyar Daneshgar, Indiana University


Ad Fontes 5 coverNo. 5 (forthcoming)

Yuan Biographies of Treacherous Officials: Texts from the Yuan Shi

Translated and Annotated by Kacey Evilsizor, Indiana University