spea speaks

The faculty at SPEA: the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University extends its expertise in the spirit of scholarly exchange.

You may request a talk from our Faculty Speakers Bureau for your class, club or event. We offer seminars on a variety of public affairs and environmental science topics. SPEA also invites faculty and professionals from other institutions to share their expertise with our academic community. Please let us know if you offer such opportunities.

Available Topics:

Chris Craft
Water Resources, Eutrophication, and the Future of the Florida Everglades
Challenges of Restoring Wetlands in Natural, Agricultural and Urban Landscapes

Beth Gazley
Inter-sectoral and inter-organizational collaboration 
Government-nonprofit relations beyond the contract
Voluntarism and volunteer management in the public and nonprofit sectors

Kirsten Grønbjerg
The Indiana Nonprofit Sector: Scope and Community Dimensions
Devolution, Marketization, and the Changing Shape of Government-Nonprofit Relationships
The United Way at the Crossroads: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies
The Contribution of Nonprofits to the State's Economy and Community Infrastructure

Diane Henshel
Endocrine Disruption of Environmental Pollutants
Interactions between Pollutants and Health
Environmental Justice

Bill Jones
Lake Quality and Management
Watershed Protection
Toxic Algae

Marc Lame
From Scientific Curiosity to Successful Adoption: The Scientific Continuum of Pest Management
Politics and Logistics in the Implementation of School Integrated Pest Management
What is Integrated Pest Management and Why do Schools Want it?

Vicky Meretsky
Rethinking California Condor Reintroductions

Clint Oster
Aviation Safety and Security in a Post–9/11 World
Why are all these Airlines Bankrupt?

Flynn Picardal
Microbial and Abiotic Interactions in the Transformation of Pollutants

Maureen Pirog
Is Welfare Reform Working?
Child Support Enforcement
Russian Policy Analysis

Ken Richards
Implementation of a Large-Scale Forest Carbon Sequestration Program
Implementing Environmental Policies: A Framework for Policy Instrument Analysis
State Use of Hazardous Waste Taxes: Intelligent Design or Chaotic Evolution?
Environmental Taxes in the U.S.: A Harlequin Romance

Evan Ringquist
Environmental Justice/Equality
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Environmental Policy
Whether Candidates for Public Office Keep Their Campaign Promises

Todd Royer
Nitrogen Loss from the Midwest and the "Dead Zone" in the Gulf of Mexico: Causes and Solutions

Phil Stevens
A Radical’s View of Photochemical Smog
Oh Where Oh Where is OH? Measuring the Elusive Hydroxyl Radical in the Atmosphere

Jeff White
Northern Wetlands, Greenhouse Gases and Future Climate Change: Do We Understand the Feedbacks?