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Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers courses at all levels, elementary through graduate, in the language, literatures and cultures of Spain and Spanish America; Portugal, Brazil, and Lusophone Africa; and Catalonia. The department is highly regarded in national rankings. In the most recent Gourman report, the Spanish undergraduate program ranked 11th (out of 479 undergraduate programs) in the country, and the Portuguese undergraduate program ranked 10th (out of 33 programs).

The Department offers a B.A. in both Spanish and Portuguese, as well as minors in Spanish and Portuguese. Some students may choose to earn a B.A. with honors in Spanish or Portuguese. The use and importance of Spanish in the United States has been expanding for some time and is likely to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Contributing factors include a growing domestic Hispanic population, increased trade and cultural relations with Latin America, and Spain's growing role in the European Union. It is no wonder that many U.S. students have come to view Spanish as an almost indispensable tool for their future. Student interest in Portuguese has also grown, as awareness of Brazil and its economic and cultural importance has increased within the context of enhanced Latin American-U.S. relations and migration. Our department is one of the few in the United States that offers courses in Catalan, the language of the vibrant city of Barcelona and its region, Catalonia, in northeastern Spain.

The department collaborates with many other departments and programs on campus, including American Studies, Comparative Literature, Film Studies, Gender Studies, International Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Latino Studies, Linguistics, Medieval Studies Institute, Second Language Studies, Renaissance Studies, West European Studies, the School of Business, the School of Education and the Media School.