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Portuguese Program

Discover Lisbon
Summer program
May 6-24, 2019

Study the culture, history, & art of one of the oldest European capitals and explore Portugal’s global connections to Asia, Africa, & Brazil on this new IU faculty-led program.

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About the Portuguese Program

Established in the 1960s, the Portuguese program at Indiana is one of the oldest in the nation. We are also one of few programs in the country to offer the B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. in Portuguese. We also offer a Ph.D. minor.

Our upper-division and graduate curriculum focuses on Brazilian, Portuguese and Lusophone African literatures and cultures. Courses are regularly taught on Brazilian cinema as well as on a range of special topics, most recently, the Literature of Angola and Mozambique: Echos of the Baroque: A Trans-Atlantic Approach.

Summer Language Workshop

Study Options

Undergraduate Study

Undergraduate students in Portuguese can double or triple major, with secondary degrees in areas such as Spanish, Latin American Studies, International Studies, and history. Our program also features an intensive language sequence as well as an honors curriculum option that has attracted our best students.

Graduate Study

Graduate students have the ability to take courses in Portuguese and work on a minor at the M.A. and Ph.D levels. Fellowships and teaching assistantships are available for qualified students.

Study Abroad

Undergraduate students with two years of Portuguese language are encouraged to take advantage of the Interuniversity Study Program in Brazil. Through this program, qualified undergraduates have the opportunity to spend a semester or year abroad in one of our CIEE-sponsored programs in São Paulo, Salvador, and Rio de Janeiro.

Other Important Information

Indiana University’s Main Library houses one of the major collections in Portuguese in the country. The Lilly Library holds the C. R. Boxer and Mendel collections which contain rare manuscripts and books on Brazil and Latin America.

Special events sponsored by the Portuguese program in the recent past include guest lectures by João Almino, K. David Jackson, Adriana Lisboa, Cícero Sandroni, Nelson Vieira, and Severino albuquerque. The program was also host and co-sponsor for the visit by Portuguese director Pedro Costa. A retrospective of his films took place at the IU Cinema in October 2011.

Students within and outside the program can take advantage of the weekly cafezinho, as well as activities sponsored by the Brazilian Association at Indiana University.

A special colloquium titled 21st-Century Lusophone Studies was held in honor of Professor Emeritus Heitor Martins. A copy of the Festschrift based on that lecture series can be obtained by contacting Jane Drake.

For more information on the program, contact Professor Luciana Namorato, Director

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