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Laura Gurzynski-WeissLaura Gurzynski-Weiss | Faculty

Assistant Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Office: Ballantine Hall 876
TEL: 855-6392
Email: lgurzynsat indiana dot edu


Ph.D. Georgetown University 2010 with distinction
M.S. Georgetown University 2007
B.A. Marquette University 2005


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Peer-reviewed articles and chapters
  • Gurzynski-Weiss, L. (in review). Factors influencing Spanish instructors’ in-class feedback decisions.
  • Gurzynski-Weiss, L. (in review). Spanish instructors’ operationalization and interpretation of task complexity and sequencing in foreign language lessons.
  • Gurzynski-Weiss, L., Long, A. Y., & Solon, M. (in press). Comparing interaction and use of space in traditional and innovative classroom spaces. To appear in Hispania, 98(1), March2015.
  • Gurzynski-Weiss, L., Al-Khalil, M Baralt, M., & Leow, R. (in press). The roles of type of feedback and type of linguistic item on L2 awareness in computer-mediated communication. To appear in L. Cerezo Ceballos, R. Leow, & M. Baralt, (Eds.), Technology and second/foreign language learning: A psycholinguistic approach. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2015.
  • Baralt, M., Gurzynski-Weiss, L., & Kim, Y. (in press). The effects of task type and classroom environment on learners’ engagement with the language. To appear in M. Sato & S. Ballinger (Eds.), Peer interaction and L2 learning. Amsterdam/ Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2015.
  • Gurzynski-Weiss, L., & Baralt, M. (2015). A closer look at learner responses to feedback and their effect on noticing in face-to-face and computer-mediated task-based interaction. Applied Psycholinguistics, available online July 2014.
  • Plonsky, L., & Gurzynski-Weiss, L. (2014). Research Methods. In C. Fäcke (Ed.) Manual of language acquisition (pp. 31-49). Berlin: de Gruyter.
  • Gurzynski-Weiss, L., & Baralt, M. (2014). Exploring learner perception and use of task-based interactional feedback in face-to-face and computer-mediated modes. Studies in Second Language Acquisition 36(1), 1-37.
  • Gurzynski-Weiss, L. (2013). Instructor characteristics and classroom-based second language acquisition of Spanish. In K. L. Geeslin (Ed.), The handbook of second language Spanish (pp. 530-546). Mahwah, NJ: Wiley Blackwell.
  • Gurzynski-Weiss, L., & Révész, A. (2012). Tasks, teacher feedback, and learner modified output in naturally occurring classroom interaction. Language Learning 62(3), 851-879.
  • Baralt, M., & Gurzynski-Weiss, L. (2011). Comparing learners’ state anxiety during task-based interaction in computer-mediated and face-to-face communication. Language Teaching Research, 15(2), 201-229.

Articles in peer-reviewed conference proceedings

  • Gurzynski-Weiss, L. (2014-a). Graduate instructor in-class cognition and feedback provision over time. In R. T. Miller, K. I. Martin, C. M. Eddington, A. Henery, N. M. Miguel, A. Tseng, A. Tuninetti & D. Walter (Eds.), Selected Proceedings of the 2012 Second Language Research Forum, 227-239.
  • Gurzynski-Weiss, L. (2014-b). Triangulating graduate instructor learning in FL teaching methods: Questionnaires, concept maps, and reflective teaching journals. In Proceedings of the World Conference on Learning, Teaching and Educational Leadership 141, 171-181.

Manuscripts under contract

  • Díaz-Campos, M., Geeslin, K. L., & Gurzynski-Weiss, L. Lengua en contexto: Introducción y aplicación de la lingüística hispánica (328 pp.). Mahwah, NJ: Wiley Blackwell.
  • Gurzynski-Weiss, L., & Geeslin, K. L. L2 classrooms as multifaceted sources of input: The synergy of variationist and usage-based approaches. To appear in A. Tyler & L. Ortega (Eds.), Usage-based L2 instruction. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

2014-2015 International Research Presentations

Honors and Awards

Selected Current Research Projects

Classes 2014-2015

Fall 2014
HISP-S614: Topics in the Acquisition of Spanish
Cognitive-interactionist research methods in instructed SLA
HISP-S517: Foreign Language Teaching Methodology

Spring 2015
HISP-S326: Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
HISP-S430: Acquisition of Spanish as a second language