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Graduate Studies



Matt KanwitDoctoral Graduate,

Avizia Long

(Ph.D., 2016) begins a tenure-track position at the University of Guam


KinnalyDoctoral Graduate, Nick Phillips (Ph.D., 2015) begins a tenure-track position at Grinnell College, IA.

For many years standing, our Ph.D. graduates have had an outstanding placement record, having been appointed to tenure-track positions at fine institutions across the country. Recent job-seeking graduates have accepted offers at University of British Columbia, Northern Illinois University, and University of Missouri - St. Louis.

Partial List of Tenure-track Positions Accepted by Our Recent PhDs (2000-2016)

Since 1996, the Merle E. Simmons Distinguished Alumni Award (MESDA) has been given annually to an alumna or alumnus of the Department who has brought distinction to her or himself. Awardees return to Bloomington to deliver a lecture to the department. Past recipients are listed below:

Name Year   Degree(s)
Earned at IU

Mónica Díaz

Niraldo de Farias




(PhD, 2002)

(PhD, 1995)

University of Kentucky

Federal University of Alagoas, Maceió in Brazil

Juan Pino-Silva 2016-17   (PhD, 1989) Evergreen Community College.

Malcolm Compitello

Barbara Weissberger
Michael Schuessler





(PhD, 1979)

(BA, 1966)

(BA, 1989)

University of Arizona

University of Minnesota—Twin Cities
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana – Cuajimalpa (Mexico)

August J. Aquila 2012-13   (PhD, 1973) CEO, Aquila Global Advisors
Judith Nantell 2011-12   (PhD, 1978) University of Arizona
Janet Dudley-Eshbach 2010-11   (BA, 1974) President, Salisbury University (Maryland)
Philip D. Rasico 2009-10   (PhD, 1981)
Vanderbilt University
Frances Aparicio 2008-09   (BA, 1978) University of Illinois at Chicago
Michael A. Schnepf2007-08   (PhD, 1985)University of Alabama
Marjorie Agosín2006-07   (PhD, 1982)
Wellesley College
Eduardo González2005-06   (PhD, 1975)Johns Hopkins University
Patricia Lunn2004-05   (PhD, 1984)Michigan State University
Candyce Leonard2003-04   (PhD, 1992)Wake Forest University
Janet DeCesaris2002-03   (PhD, 1988) Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Margaret Persin2001-02   (PhD, 1977)
Rutgers University
Norma Alarcón2000-01   (PhD, 1983,
BA, 1970)
University of California-Berkeley
Roberto González Echevarría1999-00   (MA, 1966)Yale University
Cristina González1998-99   (PhD, 1981)
University of California-Davis
Margarita Suñer1997-98   (PhD, 1973)
Cornell University
Julie Greer Johnson1996-97   (PhD, 1975)
University of Georgia

In 2007, the department also recognized a group of recent alumni in our symposium “The Other Golden Age,” in which four graduates who received the PhD between 2001 and 2003 were invited back to present their active research and meet with current graduate students.