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Foreign / Second Language Share Fair
Spring 2013
"Back to Basics: Technology in Moderation"
Description: Do you ever want to turn off PowerPoint for five minutes? Have you ever been in a classroom with no computer, projector, or Internet? Do you have a great idea of how to keep your students focused without using too much technology?

In five minutes, each presenter will share a classroom activity that they have developed to reduce the use of technology in the classroom. In our era of computers, smartphones, and tablets, sometimes students are more familiar with phone applications and social networks than how to have a face-to-face conversation. A foreign language class with limited technology can still be fun and effective, focusing on the four main skills that are targeted in the classroom.
Lidster Ryan Lidster
Second language Studies: Intensive English Program
“Variations on the ‘Relay’ Task for Fun, Fluency, Form, and Formative Assessment”
Treusdell Kelsey Treusdell
Spanish and Portuguese
“Garfield’s (Im)perfect Day: Practicing Aspect through Storytelling”
Showalter Cate Showalter & Ryan Lidster
Second language Studies: Intensive English Program
“ ‘Histograms’ for Encouraging Meaningful Interaction”
Trotter Veronika Trotter
Slavic Languages and Literatures
Young Jocelyn Young
Spanish and Portuguese
“Lo tengo! Using Bingo to Aid in Vocabulary Acquisition in the Spanish-Language Classroom”
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