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Foreign / Second Language Share Fair
Fall 2012
From Foreign to Familiar: Overcoming
the "Strange" for New Language Students
  Valeriya Fedonkina
“Facebook in a Foreign Language Classroom:
a Vice Becomes a Resource”

Spanish and Portuguese
  Pei-Shan Yu
“Sharp-ears and quick-moving”

Literacy, Culture and Language Education
  Elena Doludenko
“Did We Go on Vacation Together?”
Slavic Languages and Literatures
  Jordan Garrett
“PACE methodology for Presenting Grammar”

Spanish and Portuguese
  Beatrice Ng’uono Okelo
Chemsha Bongo: A Swahili Jeopardy Game”

  Tamara Mitchell
“Name Game”

Spanish and Portuguese
  Yi-Lu Kuo
“Find Radicals”

East Asian Languages and Cultures
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