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Foreign / Second Language Share Fair
Fall 2009
“Warm-Ups and Wrap-Ups”
Guest Speaker
Bill Johnston Bill Johnston
Associate Professor of Second Language Studies & Comparative Literature; Director of Polish Studies Center
"Pip-Popping to the Time Machine"
Bethany Frerichs Bethany Frerichs
Second Language Studies
“Concentric Circles Warm-up”
Yoon-Kyoung Chae Yoon-Kyoung Chae
Second Language Studies
"Word Guessing Game"
Huangnam Seong Hyangnam Seong
Second Language Studies
“I got a Birthday Invitation Card”
Shu-Hsiu Huang Shu-Hsiu Huang
Literacy, Culture & Language Education Dept.
“Vocabulary Competition”
Renato Alvim Renato Alvim
Department of Spanish & Portuguese
Shany Xia Shanyi Xia
Language Education
“East Meets West”
Susan Valade Suzanne Valade
Second Language Studies
“Transforming Audio to Visual:
A Team Listening Warm-up”
Thomas Neal Thomas Neal
Department of Spanish & Portuguese"
Warming Up With “Las palabras del día”: Meaningful “Extra-Textbook” Vocabulary
Anne Marie Guerrettaz photo Anne Marie Guerrettaz
Second Language Studies
"Ready, Set...Write! : Free-writing for
Fluency and Reflection"
Levi King Levi King
Second Language Studies
Erin Noelliste Erin Noelliste
Germanic Studies
“Pictionary Vocabulary Review”
Nisha Brown Nisha Brown
Second Language Studies
“Friday Night Mishaps”
Rebecca Ronquest Rebecca Ronquest
Department of Spanish & Portuguese
“¡A improvisar!”
The Share Fair is generously supported and sponsored by:
            • CeLT
            • Campus Instructional Consulting
and the departments of:
            • French & Italian
            • Spanish & Portuguese
            • Germanic Studies
            • Slavic Languages & Literatures
            • Second Language Studies
            • Literacy, Culture, & Language Education Department
            • Inner Asian & Uralic National Resource Center
Special thanks to the organizing committee!
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