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Foreign / Second Language Share Fair
Spring 2007
"Learning Through Art"
Bring art to your classroom or take your students to art!
Consider the wonderful possibilities which art offers for incorporating
grammar, vocabulary and pertinent cultural information in your classroom!
You are invited to share an activity or a project in which art is used as part of the
teaching and learning experience. Please interpret "art" in general terms:
even the use of crayons can result in an artful language related task!
Music - Sculpture - Film - Theatre - Creative Writing
These are all forms of art, especially when used to gain mastery of a language.
We encourage submission for simple, quick warm-up activities and ideas
for introducing new or for practicing old material. Projects which extend over
the course of a semester are also welcome.

Jeff Holdeman
"Art for Language's Sake:
A Trip to the IU Art Museum"

Daniela Ortiz
"Art in Reading Activities"
  Yoosun Jung
"A Mind Test"
  Yoo-Jean Lee
"Let's Have Fun with Drama"
  Namhee Kim
"The Color of the Rainbow"
  Bora Chung
"ClipArt Paper Doll"
  Amy Brewster
"Global Simulation and the Immeuble"
  Naoko Ozaki & Kyoko Okamura
"Teaching Imperative Forms
through Art and Music"
  Pu Hong w/ Ginger Sietman,
Tim Sietman & Paul King

"The Applications of Songs in
Language Teaching and Learning"
  Bilal Maanaki
"Masked Words in Arabic"
  Corrina Kahnke & Faye Stewart
"Submitting & Subordinating: An Interactive Experience with Art Censorship and Dependent Clauses"
  Claire Renaud
"Hidden Resources"
  Mhaela Petrescu
"Honing Visual Thinking Skills through Analyses
of Fashion Representations in Paintings"
  Galina Krivonos
"The Art of Clip Art"


  Paul King
"The Mandarin Shakespeare:
Drama in the EFL Classroom"
  Federico Pacchioni
"The Secret Lullabies"
  Wan-shiu Hsu
"If You Are Happy and You Know It"
TESOL; Germanic Studies; CeLT
Lina Khawaldah, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Mihaela Petrescu, Germanic Studies

Claire Renaud, French & Italian
Jordi Tellard-Clemmer, French & Italian
Caroline Beschea-Fache, French & Italian
Jorge Aguilar, Spanish & Portuguese, TESOL & Applied Linguistics

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