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Foreign / Second Language Share Fair
Fall 2006
"Thinking Beyond The Textbook"

guest speaker: James Chan, CeLTIE Director
"Extending the Textbook with SCOLA's Insta-Class"

"Integrating Authentic Videos into Class Presentations"

"Stack Your Webcam Above The Textbook"


  Just using the textbook gets boring for both students and teachers, but preparing handouts nearly on a daily basis is a time consuming activity for the instructor.  Let's think beyond the textbook and the handouts by sharing fun activities which get the students using what they know and practicing what they have learned, but avoiding the textbook.


  • Jorge Aguilar, Second Language Studies
  • Renato Alvim, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Maria-Theresa Bastos, Language Education
  • Lina Khawaldah, Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Blair Overstreet, French & Italian
  • Mihaela Petrescu, German & Germanic Studies
  • Jordi Teillard-Clemmer, French & Italian
  • Claire Renaud, French & Italian
  • Caroline Strobbe, French & Italian
  • French & Italian, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies
  • German and Germanic Studies
  • Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Second Language Studies
  • Language Education
  • CeLT
  • Campus Instructional Consulting (CIC)

Shiau-Jing Guo
“Software in the Classroom”
Galina Krivonos
“Do You Blog?”
Mihaela Petrescu
“Media Literacy: Film and  Post-viewing Activities”
Megan Barrett
“Exploiting the Cute and the Fuzzy”
Daniela Ortiz
“Culture Islands”
Amandine Lorente-Lapole& Jordi Teillard-Clemmer
“Create Your Own Ad”
Frédérique Loisseau & Jordi Teillard-Clemmer
“YouTube in the Classroom”
Bethany Braley
Lily Ibarra
“Imagining Vocabulary”
Maria-Thereza Bastos
“Using L1 Children’s Books for L2 Learners”
Beatrix Burghardt
“Still Looking for Penpals for Your Students”
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