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Baltic and Finnish Studies

Indiana University is home to the oldest Baltic and Finnish Studies program in the United States. In addition to area studies course work covering the entire region, IU offers language instruction from beginning to advanced levels in Finnish and Estonian. IU recently hosted both the 16th conference of the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies (1998) and the Baltic Studies Summer Institute (1998 & 1999 and 2005 & 2006).

Library Resources

The Indiana University Main Library holds one of the largest collections of Estonian and Finnish media in the United States. Among the Estonian journals and newspapers available in the library’s Research Collection are Keel ja KirjandusLooming; SirpTuna: ajalooline ajakiriTeater, Muusika, KinoEesti Teaduste Akadeemia Toimetised. The Main Library also offers a wide range of Latvian books, serials and journals, with sources in German, Russian, and English as well as Latvian. Journals include daily newspapers and the prominent literary magazine Karogs,among others.

Both REEI and IAUNRC have area related films and other materials for loan.


More information about IU- sponsored and non-IU programs can be found on the Overseas Study page.

Baltic and Finnish Student Association

The Baltic and Finnish Student Association gathers students together, and puts on many activities throughout the year:

  • Cultural Activities
  • Language Coffee Hours
  • Independence Day Celebrations

For more information contact BaFSA. (contact form to

Language Study

IU regularly offers language instruction in Estonian and Finnish during the academic year. IU also supports BALSSI, Baltic Studies Summer Institute, a summer language workshop that is funded and administered by a consortium of universities, including the University of Illinois, the University of Illinois-Chicago, Indiana University, the University of Iowa, the University of Michigan, the University of Texas-Austin, and the University of Washington. One member of the supporting universities hosts this annual program each year.

For more information on upcoming IU classes, see the Department of Central Eurasian Studies.

Links to other Baltic and Finnish studies programs