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Volume 30 Number 1
Fall 2007

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After serving as vice president for information technology, vice president for research, and interim provost, Michael McRobbie is now IU's 18th president. Here's a brief look at the new president's accomplishments and his visions for research and creative activity at IU.

Inconvenient Stories

Out of India

New Homes for Science


At IU, researchers from many disciplines are helping us face the facts of fat.

overweight stomach

by Tracy James

Overeating is killing us, literally, but these health scientists are pursuing some hopeful interventions.

by Lauren J. Bryant

Live sicker and die younger, or move more and eat less. The choice is ours.

capn crunch cereal box

by Lauren J. Bryant

If seeing is believing, our children's health is in trouble.

by Karen Garinger

Childhood obesity may be remedied not only by greenery on the plate, but greener surroundings, too.

by Tracy James

Humans make hundred of food-related decisions every day. But how do we think about all that food, and why do we choose to eat what we do?

by Elisabeth Andrews

Spinach, scallions, salmonella--what's the state of U.S. food safety?

by Jennifer Piurek and Ryan Piurek

From corn dogs to cow-foot soup, food is a key ingredient in understanding culture.

A project in Belize aims to help locals commercialize products before outsiders snatch them up.

by Jeremy Shere

Growing evidence suggests that genetically modified foods could be better for us than we think.

A newly discovered cell helps explain how Burmese pythons survive on only a few meals a year.

by Roberta Kwok

Sugar may seem sweet and simple, but sugar molecules play a role in everything from immune response to cancer metastasis to tick bites.

by Elizabeth Rosdeitcher

Among memoirs, the stories with recipes are especially satisfying.

by Christine Barbour

What's for dinner? Think twice--you may be casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.