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Chick Clique


Chick Clique is a preventative health cell phone application that helps motivate teenage girls to exercise by exploiting their social desire to stay connected with their peers. Girls are more likely to become less active throughout adolescence and are more likely to use dangerous techniques for losing weight. For these reasons, Chick Clique focuses on females and their group of friends. The intent of Chick Clique is to determine if peer pressure and technology can be combined in a way that will ultimately lead to improved health habits in teenage girls.
Chick Clique offers a way to reach out to young women who enjoy technology and need motivation to continue being physically active throughout adolescence. In sum, Chick Clique changes the isolated process of self-monitoring
into a cooperative, supportive process where friends can share personal fitness information and give one another encouraging feedback.

                                            Team: Tammy Toscos, Anne Faber, Kay Connelly
                                            Donors: Nokia, Microsoft  




  • Tammy Toscos, Anne Faber, Shunying An, and Mona Praful Gandhi. Chick Clique: Persuasive Technology to Motivate Teenage Girls to Exercise. IN ACM, pp. 6 pages, CHI Montreal, Canada, 2006.