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PHIT Lab Alumni


Nahom Tilahun
Nahom is an undergraduate summer inter from Jackson State University majoring Computer Science. Currently he is working on one of the PHIT lab project named Community Window under the SOLACE project.


Adonica Camp
Adonica Camp is an undergraduate student at Boston University majoring in Graphic Design and Computer Science. She will be assisting the SOLACE aging in place project over the summer of 2013.


Nupoor Paygude
Nupoor is a current Computer Science Master’s Student at IU. She is a Research Assistant at PHIT lab and currently working on the mobile health tracking application for low literacy, Mexican-American Women project and the SOLACE project. Her primary responsibilities involve developing, testing and deploying applications for the various projects.


Harish Bahrani
Harish Bharani is a Master’s student in Computer Science at IUB. His research interests are in the application of Social and Health Informatics theories to bridge the gap between technology and the end users. He has worked on various PHIT Lab projects to develop easy-to-use technology solutions to aid patients. He is willing to contribute more towards Healthcare by pursuing a career in Technology Consulting.


Andy Frank
Andy is an Informatics student at IUB. He is currently a Research Assistant here at PHIT Lab, and helps out on various projects.


Michael Kinkoph
Michael is currently a Junior here at Indiana University Bloomington, majoring in Informatics with a specialization in Business and a minor in Telecommunications. He is currently a Research Assistant at IUB and helps out on various PHIT Lab projects. Throughout the summer, he transcribed interviews for various studies and helped graduate student Mary Carter with many different robotics house studies. Currently Michael is working on a readable report using Microsoft Publisher for a study that was conducted a few years ago. He is also working on coding qualitative data for a separate study.

Nathan Michalik
Nathan is a senior at IUB, and is finishing up his Bachelors of Science degree in Informatics and Computing, with minors in Business Management with focus on a career in Project Management and information administration. He is currently a Research Assistant at IUB, and helps out on various PHIT projects.


Daniel Kutz
Daniel O. Kutz is a doctoral student in the School of Library and Information Science with a minor in Informatics. His primary research interest lies at the intersection of human-computer interaction and social informatics. At the PHIT lab he is focused on understanding how young, middle aged, and older adults conceptualize and respond to ubiquitous health tracking technology. Other research interests include personal health records, games for health, information visualization and computer-mediated communication.

Pranav Gupta
Pranav is a first year Master’s student in Human Computer Interaction Design program at IUB. With a Undergrad degree in Computer Science, his research interests are in User Centered Design, User Experienced Design, and Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing, with a focus on integrating technology to create a meaningful user experience. He is currently working as a Design and Usability intern at Centerstone Research Institute. His primarily responsibilities include user requirement gathering, and prototyping and usability testing for mobile applications that provide health related trainings to clients.

Elijah Moon
Elijah is a current undergraduate at Indiana University (IU) – Bloomington, where he will receive his Bachelor of Science in Informatics along with a minor and cognate in Business. In August of 2013, he will pursue his master’s degree in Information Systems through IU’s Kelley School of Business. Presently, Elijah is an intern for the PHIT Lab assisting other researchers and investigating different project management tools and techniques.


Casey Bennett
Casey is a graduate student at IUB. His work focuses on clinical informatics research: the application of data warehousing, data mining, and artificial intelligence to clinical decision support, clinical productivity systems, comparative effectiveness research, and personalized medicine. He was the lead designer for Centerstone’s award-winning organization-wide Data Warehouse (2010 TDWI Best Practices Award) and the national Knowledge Network Data Warehouse, a framework for the largest ongoing clinical mental health data repository in the country. He previously worked in bioinformatics and human genetics at IUB.


Barbara Belsito
Barb is a first-year master’s student in the Human-Computer Interaction Design program. She holds B.A. degrees in International Studies and East Asian Languages & Cultures with a minor concentration in business from Indiana University. Her research interests include interaction and user experience design. She is currently working as a design and usability intern at Centerstone Research Institute. Currently, she conducts usability testing with consumers and clinicians on an electronic recovery-oriented system of care in order to propose design recommendations for future iterations


Matt Holfelner
Matt is a graduate student majoring in Informatics, with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction Design. He received his B.S. from the University of Evansville, with a minor in Cognitive Science. Matt’s career has been based on understanding human behavior and cognition. He works closely with CenterStone, the nation’s largest non-profit provider of community-based behavioral healthcare. He is currently working on a project whose goal is to provide Centerstone clinicians with a software program that will allow clinicians to easily and accurately record patient data.


Zachary Lovall
Zach is a first-year master’s student in the Human-Compter Interaction Design program at Indiana University Bloomington. He graduated from Butler University with a B.S. in Mathematics. Zach’s research interests are currently user experience design and user research techniques. He is currently working as a semester intern at Centerstone Research Institute where he is involved with a project focused around the redesign of a website that will eventually be a resource to those needing help with addictions and other mental health conditions.


Zhipeng Tian
Zhipeng is a senior undergraduate student at IUB, and plan to graduate in December 2012 with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Systems, and a minor in Economics. He is currently working with Sameer Patil on location sharing privacy issues. His main responsibility is to create a web-based front-end to an infrastructure built for capturing and sharing individual’s locations from sources such as smartphones and laptops.


Paul Whalen
Paul is an undergraduate at IUB, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He is doing research on the commenting behaviors of readers of the New York Times Online, using various methods of natural language processing. His mentor is Sameer Patil. Paul is also a student of the Jacobs School of music, pursuing a jazz studies degree, and spends much of his free time playing with salsa, funk, and contemporary jazz groups.


Mary Carter
Mary graduated from IUB with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology and a minor in African American and African Diaspora Studies. She has secured a scholarship through the School of Informatics and Computing to conduct research with Dr. Kelly Caine and Dr. Selma Sabanovic. Their research topic revolves around Human Computer Interaction, Human Robotic Interaction, Psychology, Geriatrics, and Sociology. They are in the final stages of finishing their research article and are on track to publishing their work in several academic journals.

Suzanne & Lan
Suzanne Lien and Lan Li were our 2011 Summer Interns here at PHIT Lab. They each worked on separate pervasive healthcare projects. Suzanne focused on running eyetracking on experts and non-experts as they used the internet. She was interested in seeing what the viewing patterns of these two groups of people were and determining whether or not they were making use of security indicators. Lan focused on developing an android application that helps to assist elderly seniors adhere to their daily medication schedule. She also created a website to publicize her work log and research papers.


Rima Hanania
Dr. Rima Hanania received a B.S. in Mathematics from the American University of Beirut in 1981, a M.S. in Computer Science from Indiana University in 1984, and a Ph.D. in Psychological and Brain Sciences and Cognitive Science from Indiana University in 2009. She has been working closely with Dr. Kelly Caine on an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) design that will give patients granular control, allowing them to choose who can have access to certain parts of their medical records.


William Hazlewood
Dr. Hazlewood is a PHIT Lab alumni who worked on various PHIT and ETHOS projects, including Balance Board. He is primarily interested in combining physical computing with principles from ambient display research to generate novel technologies for home healthcare, particularly technologies that promote aging in place. Additionally, he is interested in both the design methodologies necessary to integrate such technologies into home environments, as well as the evaluation techniques that must be applied when conducting the long-term in-site studies.


Tammy Toscos
Dr. Tammy Toscos is an IUB graduate that worked on Chick Clique. Her research interests include: Human computer interaction, Health informatics, Adoption and acceptance of technology, Interactive learning environments, Computer science education, and Computer supported cooperative work. She has written many articles that were published, that deal with Pervasive Health Information Technologies.


Adity Upoma Mutsuddi
Dr. Mutsuddi is an IUB graduate and worked on the Text Messaging project. Her fields of specialization include Pervasive Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Health Informatics, Data Analysis & Visualization. Dr. Mutsuddi started her teaching career at IUB with Computer Science courses, in August 2010.



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