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Visit Us


Where are we located?

Our lab is located in Informatics East, in the Connector Building on the 2nd Floor,  
and in the ETHOS House, at 611 N. Woodlawn Ave.


Our lab in Informatics East is located at the corner of Forrest Ave. and 10th St, at 919 E. 10th St, Bloomington IN, 47408. Within this building we are on the second floor in the Connector Building. Please visit our lab by walking in through the main door of Informatics East, taking the stairs to the second floor, turning left and walking straight through the exit door. Travel straight through to the connector building and take the stairs on your left. We will be located in these offices. Our lab in the ETHOS House is located at the corner of E. Cottage Grove Ave. and Woodlawn Ave. It is right across the street from the Informatics West building.


Where to park?

Visitor parking information can be found at the Informatics and Computing website. This link also includes additional information regarding the location of other important offices in our department.

How to contact us?

To visit to our lab please email Dr. Kelly Caine at, or Dr. Kay Connelly at to schedule a meeting.