Office of International Development

A Division of the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs

Past OID Projects

Since its inception in 1994, OID (formerly CIEDA) has been directly and indirectly involved in a number of meaningful and interesting projects. From assisting on grant proposals to full project administration, the goal of the center is to support IU’s international institution-building initiatives in whichever way best suits the situation.

Project Map

Below is a list of many of the projects in which OID has played a role:


India-Pakistan Border2016-2017 Punjab

Beyond Borders: A Workshop of Filmmaking across the Punjab Region. With support from the U.S. Embassy, “Beyond Borders: A Workshop of Filmmaking across the Punjab Region” brought together 30 participants, 15 each from India and Pakistan Punjab region, to work together on conceptualizing, writing, and producing short films during a three-week visit in May 2017 to Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A. Participants engaged in American life through field trips and visited communities around the state of Indiana, learning about the diversity within America but also learning about each other in the process. The workshop was designed to develop filmmaking skills (camera and editing) and engage participants in making their own short films in small mixed groups of Indian/Pakistani members. In this collaborative exploration, there was the potential for participants to discover common ground, cross cultural, political and geographic barriers, and form a foundation of understanding that will have lasting impact in the Punjab region upon their return.


Flag of Sub-Saharan Africa2015-2016 Sub-Saharan Africa

Mandela Washington Fellowship. Partnering with the US Department of State and IREX, OID hosted 25 2016 Mandela Washington Fellows for a Civic Leadership Institute. From 18 different countries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, the Fellowship was designed to bolster the leadership and practical capacity of these established professional as they continue their civic and non-profit endeavors. Programming was specifically tailored to meet the cohort’s diverse interests including women’s rights, media and journalism, public health, and primary education.


Flag of Liberia2011-2015 Liberia

Center for Excellence in Health and Life Sciences. USAID/Liberia and HED partnered with OID to establish a Center for Excellence in Health and Life Sciences (CEHLS) at the University of Liberia (UL) and its sister public institution, the Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts. CEHLS built capacity of UL academic and research programs to address a national shortage of health care workers through curriculum and faculty development of new programs in bio-technology, public health, nurse-midwifery, and enhanced pre-clinical science training in medicine and pharmacy. The University of Massachusetts Medical School was a major partner in the project, focusing on the pre-clinical science component of the curriculum at UL’s Digliotti School of Medicine and in Nursing Leadership Training.


Flag of China2009-2012 China

China: Zhejiang University American Studies Program. OID has partnered with Zhejiang University, one of China’s top 10 institutions of higher education, to offer a select group of undergraduate students the opportunity to spend a month each summer learning about American culture and heritage while considering their prospects for graduate study. OID organizes and manages the program, welcoming students to New York City for the first days of their stay and then hosting them on the Bloomington campus for the following three weeks. During their visit, the students engage in a range of academic, cultural, business, and leisure activities, introducing them to the way of life in the United States. The trip ends with a three-day chaperoned experience in Washington, D.C., where they have the opportunity to meet with political figures as well as visit many of our nation’s impressive landmarks.


Flag of Kyrgyzstan2006-2012 Kyrgyzstan

AUCA Multi-Media Center. In order to extend and maximize learning opportunities for students at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA), OID assisted in the development of a modern technical infrastructure to help the university achieve excellence in teaching and learning, faculty and student access to e-learning technologies, contemporary knowledge of digital media production, software engineering, data mining, and other applications.


Flag of Kazakhstan2006-2009 Kazakhstan

Bolashak Program. The Bolashak Program was launched by the Kazakh government to send competitively selected students abroad for university study as part of a national effort to meet the rapidly increasing development needs of the country. OID managed dozens of Bolashak Scholars each year, serving as the host institution and organizing the pre-academic training to improve language skills, prepare for entrance exams, and submit graduate and undergraduate applications for placement at IU or elsewhere.


Flag of Kyrgyzstan2004-2005 Kyrgyzstan

Public Administration Minor Development. Indiana University, with a grant from ALO/USAID, established a basic undergraduate minor in public administration at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA). The goals of the project were to develop and introduce seven new courses, adapt generally recognized principles of public administration education/research, provide staff training to three faculty, develop a service learning plan for AUCA students, and evaluate AUCA’s library in the field of public administration and assist in acquiring a relevant collection through donations and gifts.


Flag of Silk Road2004-2009 Silk Road

Community Cultural Resource Management for the Silk Road. In a partnership with the American University of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan) and the Bukhara State Museum Preserve (Uzbekistan), IU brought together Uzbek and Kyrgyz host communities, tour operators, regional museums, and universities as stakeholders in the preservation of unique archeological sites. Activities included workshops, a U.S. study tour for Central Asian participants, best practice training with local and national Kyrgyz and Uzbek officials, modeling archaeological research, and the development of community museums in both countries.


Flag of Burma2004-2007 Myanmar

Alumni Workshops. Because of OID’s well-regarded reputation for educational assistance to Burma, the Open Society Institute (OSI) asked OID to develop an annual workshop on the Bloomington campus that would bring alumni from the OSI program together. The focus of the workshop was to allow alumni to meet, exchange ideas, interact with field experts, and develop meaningful networks.


Flag of Kyrgyzstan2003-2014 Kyrgyzstan

AUCA Endowment. IU has been closely associated with the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) since 1999, helping to make a successful transition to democracy following the pro-democracy revolution in Kyrgyzstan. Because of its integral involvement, IU was approached by USAID in 2002 with a request to establish and manage a multi-million dollar endowment for AUCA (funding from USAID and George Soros’s Open Society Institute). The purpose of the endowment is to underwrite AUCA’s operational costs.


Flag of Namibia2002-2004 Namibia

Regional Campus Development. Twenty short- and long-term faculty and administrator exchanges were set up over a two-year period with the goal of improving the Northern Campus of the University of Namibia, located in the disadvantaged northern area of the country. Teaming up with IU East and sponsored by BECA, the partnership developed and expanded academic offerings.


Flag of South Africa2002-2004 South Africa

Legislative Drafting Program. Over the course of three years, OID and IU Maurer School of Law collaborated with the University of Pretoria’s faculty of law to help meet South Africa’s goals for bringing about democratic, social, political, and economic transformation. The project was to organize the free Annual Legislative Drafting Workshop in South Africa, free internships for South African professionals in the United States, regular interactive video conferences on legal topics, and Experts Network of South African and Indiana academic and legislative drafting professionals.


Flag of Macedonia2001-2004 Macedonia

U.S.-Macedonia Linkage Program. A program was established that provided assistance via State Department funding for the South-East European University (SEEU) in Totevo. The major objectives of this program were to promote economic development of the Tetovo region through the introduction of modern curricula, administrative support, training, computer literacy, and ESL programs and to help establish a multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, international perspective. Working closely with SEEU, the grant activities included faculty exchange, degree fellowships, administrative training, distance education, and library and technology development.


Flag of Indonesia2000-2003 Indonesia

Civic Education. OID facilitated the winning of a three-year grant to IU’s School of Education for the development of civic education in Indonesia.


Flag of Bosnia2000 Bosnia

Herzegovina Undergraduate Development Program (HUUP). HUUP was a one-year USIA grant to educate Bosnian students in the areas of journalism and economics—as these are useful to the reconstruction of their state and society. Following the coursework, students were placed in four- to twelve-week internships.


Flag of Kazakhstan2000-2004 Kazakhstan

Taraz State University. IU and Taraz State University (TarGU) formed a partnership for the purpose of building and expanding ongoing higher education administration, curriculum reform, and restructuring with the goal that TarGU will then serve as a resource and model to extend reform to other institutions of higher education in Kazakhstan.


Flag of Southern Africa2000-2001 Southern Africa

Partners for African Leadership. An eight-week internship program was established for experienced and practicing professionals from Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. This program, made possible by a grant from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (BECA) of the U.S. Department of State, targeted areas including women’s entrepreneurship, media/journalism, and local governance.


Flag of Angola2000 Angola

University of Augustinho Neto Master Plan Seminar. An intensive seminar was delivered to eight Angolan government and university officials on developing a master plan for a new university campus in Luanda. The seminar included campus visits and consultants on African university development, architecture, and technical aspects of facilities management.


Flag of Azerbaijan1999-2003 Azerbaijan

Partnership in American Studies. With funding support from the U.S. State Department, IU and Baku State University (BSU) created an American Studies Center at BSU. The center has three major goals: to create a base of information, promote administrative reform, and disseminate information beyond academic audiences in Azerbaijan. The partnership included creation of a library, computer lab, workshops, lectures, and scholarly exchanges.


Flag of Sub-Saharan Africa1999-2000 Sub-Saharan Africa

Africa Regional Internship Program. Working closely with U.S. Embassy staff across 21 sub-Saharan countries, OID administrated a State Department grant to place 38 African professionals in six- to eight-week internships in the United States. Areas of study included public administration, business management, economic development, non-governmental organization, and education administration.


Flag of Kyrgyzstan1999-2003 Kyrgyzstan

Faculty Development and Administrative Training Program. IU has a long history of partnership with the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) in Kyrgyzstan. Various grants have been awarded over the years with the purpose of institutional development, addressing five areas: faculty development, administrative training, library development, internet access, and research/publications. Through faculty exchange, sending more than 10,000 books and journals, and providing access to internet and technology through equipment and education, the program helped AUCA faculty who had been trained in the Soviet higher education system gain exposure to the way social sciences are studied and taught in the West. It also provided incentives and guidance for Kyrgyz faculty to engage in research activities.


Flag of Hong Kong1998 Hong Kong

Higher Education Responsibility Center Management. Through both university visits and teleconferencing, an international team of U.S. and U.K. higher education finance professionals consulted with the Hong Kong Task Force to look at how Hong Kong universities could implement Responsibility Center Management.


Flag of Southern Africa1996-1997 Southern Africa

Southern Africa Regional Internship Program. Expanding on the South Africa Internship Program in 1995, 24 mid-career professional interns from Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Malawi were placed across the United States for six- to eight-week internships.


Flag of Indonesia1996 Indonesia

Seminar on Management of Higher Education. In anticipation of the goals for 2020, a seminar was sponsored jointly by the University of Malaya, Trisatki University, and Indiana University. The focus of the Jakarta meeting was information gathering and strategic planning.


Flag of Kazakhstan1996 Kazakhstan

Caspian Sea Consortium/Mobil Oil Training Program. An eight-week program of English language, computer literacy, and public relations training was designed and conducted for a Mobil-sponsored Kazakhstani participant.


Flag of Malaysia1996 Malaysia

PETRONAS Program. OID was awarded a one-year contract to provide pre-academic training and placement under the Advanced Studies and Placement Program for students from Malaysia.


Flag of Malaysia1996 Malaysia

Higher Education Administration: Responsibility Center Management. In partnership with the University of Malaya and ICC Consulting, Inc. of Malaysia, OID conducted a week-long seminar in Malaysia on university budgeting and management for 40 senior officials from Malaysia’s public universities and Ministry of Education.


Flag of South Africa1995-2000 South Africa

Internship Program. Under a USIA-sponsored program to place mid-career professionals in internships, OID placed more than 200 South Africans in cities across the United States. The eight-week internships had three general objectives: support regional democratic and economic reform, enhance management and administrative skills, and establish professional partnerships between the United States and Sub-Saharan African organizations.


Flag of Eastern Europe1995-1996 Eastern Europe

TIP II Training Internship Program. In IU’s role as a sub-contractor in a USAID-funded project, individually tailored two-month professional internship programs were provided for seven mid-career participants from Poland, Romania, Hungary, and the Czech Republic in areas of telecommunications, education, business, and public administration.


Flag of Burma1995-2010 Myanmar

The Burmese Refugee Scholarship Program (BRSP). BRSP was mandated by the U.S. Congress in 1990 to assist Burmese refugees who were forced to flee their homeland in fear of persecution by Burma’s ruling military junta for having participated in pro-democracy movements. The grantees, selected for their shown leadership skills, were brought to the United States to pursue training at institutions of higher education, with the goal of returning to assist in achieving a democratic society in Burma. Funded by the Department of State, grantees came to the IU Bloomington campus for pre-academic orientation, ESL training, asylum application, and enrollment at appropriate institutions across the United States.


Flag of Angola1994-2010 Angola

SONANGOL Training Program. After completing high school, students sponsored by SONANGOL, the national oil company of Angola, came to Indiana University to study English at the Center for English Language Training (CELT). OID supervised the students’ academic progress, organizing extra math, SAT, and TOEFL preparation as necessary, coordinated their placement into four-year undergraduate programs in engineering, computer science, economics, and geology at universities throughout the United States.


Flag of North America1994 North America

NAFTA Seminar. Ten Canadian and Mexican participants attended a three-day seminar in higher education administration developed in cooperation with the Institute of International Education.


Flag of Indiana1992-1995 Indiana

USIA International Visitor Project in Higher Education Administration. More than 70 participants from 60 countries were provided week-long seminars on U.S. higher education administration. The seminars, with support from USIA and in cooperation with the Institute of International Education, covered topics including recruitment and retention of students, fund-raising, responsibility-centered management, alumni relations, faculty governance, student personnel administration, library administration, use of advanced educational technologies, and state funding and oversight in public universities.


Flag of South Africa1992-1995 South Africa

Khanya College. With funding from the Kellogg and Ford Foundations, together with the Eli Lilly Corporation, services were delivered in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The project reviewed syllabi, vetted final exams, exchanged faculty, and provided consultation services and external examination of courses.


Flag of Malaysia1990-1997 Malaysia

ATU Program Training and Placement. An intensive pre-university preparation and competitive placement program was delivered to Malaysian students preparing to study at IU and across the United States. The effort combined individualized programming with test preparation, intensive English, and enrollment in IU courses.


Flag of Japan1989-1990 Japan

Placement Services for Japanese Students. OID designed and directed a placement program for 200 Japanese undergraduates transferring to the United States from an ESL program operated in Japan by the University of Nevada, Reno.


Flag of Malaysia1985-1995 Malaysia

ITM/MUCIA Cooperative Program. Over the life of this project, more than 4,000 Malaysian government-sponsored students were part of a “twinning program” in which they were able to take IU courses offered by U.S. faculty in Malaysia. Intensive English language instruction was provided before students took their first two years of undergraduate instruction in Malaysia in areas of pre-engineering, pre-business, and computer sciences. They then transferred (via IU placement assistance) to more than 160 different universities (including IU) throughout the United States to complete bachelor’s degree programs.