Office of International Development

A Division of the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs

Technical Training

OID also provides Training, Seminars, and Video Conferencing:

 Students participating in classroom session during Global Crossroads Russia program



For international clients OID designs and conducts training programs ranging in length from two weeks to 18 months. Content and objectives of these programs are tailored to meet sponsor needs and may be offered either in the United States or abroad.

These non-degree training programs target two main clients: mid-career professionals seeking to sharpen skills or develop new competencies and prospective international students seeking assistance with pre-academic training/placement or monitoring of academic progress.

Programs are cost-effective, make appropriate use of educational technologies, and are conducted by experienced university professionals using current best practices and pedagogies.

Examples of past programs for Mid-Career Professionals include:

  • Executive Education programs in business, public affairs, and public health in locations such as Indonesia, China, the Middle East, and Western Europe
  • Internship programs at U.S. locations in 20+ professional fields for hundreds of participants from Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and more than 20 African countries
  • Faculty Development programs at IU through mentoring and research in dozens of fields, including public administration, economics, medical science, journalism, and psychology
  • Technical Instruction in scientific tools such as ACT, GIS, and CIPEC—as well as systems technology and English for engineers and scientists

Examples of past programs for Pre-Academic Training and Placement/Management services include:

  • English as a Second Language program at many levels for students preparing to study in the United States
  • Pre-academic training and placement/management services for sponsored undergraduate and graduate students, including ESL, academic refresher courses, major test preparation, computer literacy, and general orientation to study in the United States
  • International Studies Summer Institutes for high school students from the United States and abroad, including cultural immersion programs


Seminars and Workshops:

On a contractual basis, OID organizes workshops and seminars on a variety of topics of interest to visiting scholars, government and non-governmental organizations, and overseas sponsors. Typically, a workshop or seminar will be a week or less in duration. Programs are organized on-site at IU as well as at other locations in the United States and abroad.

In preparing workshops for counterparts, OID draws upon the research and expertise of IU faculty and staff, governmental and non-governmental organizations, private businesses, and technical specialists from throughout the United States—as determined by the needs of the participants. OID has collaborated with units within IU to develop seminars, workshops, and presentations on the following topics:

  • Civic Education for the Newly Independent States
  • Instructional Systems Technology for Corporate Training
  • Distance Education Applications in Higher Education
  • Masters Training for Electronics Engineers
  • Fundraising for Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Management for Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Public Relations in Higher Education
  • Business Management for Journalists and Broadcasters

Whatever the topic, OID’s experienced staff will work with you to identify pedagogy methods, a program of activities, and a cadre of specialists tailored to meet your training needs.


Video Conferencing: Telecommunications and Information Technology

Not long ago, live interactive videoconferencing and distance education programs between faculty at IU and counterparts abroad had to be conducted through expensive satellite systems or via multiple telephone lines at costly international rates. New developments in Internet telephony are changing this scenario as technologies improve and bandwidth increases. At IU, we are witnessing a convergence of data, telephone, and video services into one basic, integrated digital transmission infrastructure. OID can help YOU to put these technologies and resources to work for your organization.

IU, through a number of major developments at the state, national, and international levels, has been able to provide the IU community with unprecedented access to high bandwidth networks. IU has achieved a position of prominence in advanced networking through a number of efforts such as participation in the Internet2 Abilene network, the National Science Foundation’s vBNS research network, and the development of the TransPAC international research network.