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News from the McNair Scholars Program
In the past few months, 12 McNair Scholars:
  • Spent a week in Boot Camp preparing to apply to graduate school
  • Completed 8 weeks of GRE and professional development workshops
  • Finished their 10 week McNair internship in research under the mentorship of individual IU faculty
  • Presented the results of their research at an IU McNair research symposium
Additionally, we learned that our McNair Program was funded again! We are particularly proud of succeeding because, for the first time, funding of the McNair program by the US Department of Education was severely reduced, resulting in the cutting of about 65 of the 200 programs across the United States. The IU program will receive $1.1 million over five years from the department of Education and close to an equal match from the IU Provost’s Office, the University Graduate School and the College of Arts and Sciences.
Our current scholars work in a wide variety of academic disciplines. We want to express our deepest appreciation to their faculty mentors at IU, Tulane University, and the University of Iowa for the time spent with these remarkable scholars.
Sarah Thomas – Faculty Mentor – Dr. Maresa Murray, Applied Health Science
Sexual Content in Reality Television: What Messages Influence Sexual Identities in Adolescent Minority Females?
Deborra Sanders – Faculty Mentor – Dr. Candy Gunther-Brown, Department of Religious Studies
Personal Stories of the Development of Spirituality in Twelve Step Groups
Sara Asher – Faculty Mentor – Brandon Hill, Research Associate, The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, & Reproduction
Would You Say You "Had Sex" If…? An Analysis of Behaviors and Attitudes
Tim O’Sullivan – Faculty Mentor – Dr. Levi Morran, Department of Biology
Mutualisms: Evolutionary Comrades or Suffocating Friends?
Holly Johnson – Faculty Mentor – Dr. Stephen Vinson, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Ancient Egyptian Amulets of the Indiana University Art Museum
Chris Kase – Faculty Mentor – Dr. Volker Thomas, Department of Rehabilitation and Counselor Education, University of Iowa
What Does This Make Me? Women Married to Gender Variant Husbands Question Their Own Gender Identity
Isaiah Innis – Faculty Mentor – Dr. William P. Hetrick, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Infrared and Electromyogram Measures of the Eyeblink Response
Joy Msiska – Faculty Mentor – Dr. Dominique Meekers, Global Health Systems and Development, Tulane University
Efficacy of National Immunization Day Campaigns in Ghana: An Evaluation
Kasey Greer – Faculty Mentor – Dr. Eric Sandweiss, Department of History
Town, Gown, and the Navy: Women in Bloomington During World War II
Angela Ratigan – Faculty Mentor – Dr. Margaretha Kramer, Department of Classical Studies
Postpalatial Masculinity: An Examination of Minoan-Mycenaean Gender Differences
Imani Wills-Henderson – Faculty Mentor – Dr. Youngjoo Cha, Department of Sociology
Religious and Spiritual Beliefs: Implications Regarding Women Seeking Sexual Health Services
Front Row (Left to Right): Angela Ratigan, Joy Msiska, Kasey Greer, Sarah Thomas, and Imani Wills-Henderson; 
                          Back Row (Left to Right): Isaiah Innis, Deborra Sanders, Sara Asher, Holly Johnson, and Tim O’Sullivan;
                          Not pictured: Chris Kase
Apply for Funding Through the Traveling Scholar Program
The Traveling Scholar Program allows doctoral students to spend up to a full academic year pursuing specialized courses of study, researching unique library collections, and working in advanced laboratories and facilities at other CIC institutions—with no change in registration procedures from their home university or additional tuition.
Doctoral-level students interested in the Traveling Scholar Program must first consult their advisor who will determine whether the off-campus opportunity is likely to enhance the student’s course of study and ascertain that it is not, in fact, available on the home campus. The instructor/advisor at the host campus must also approve before a student completes the online application.
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The Dean of the University Graduate School Visits Germany
James Wimbush, Dean of the University Graduate School, was one of thirty-four participants who attended The Sixth Annual Strategic Leaders Global Summit. Attendees met in Seeon, Germany this fall to discuss the idea of “brain drain” in relation to multiple global trends. The summit was jointly hosted by the Council of Graduate Schools and Technische Universität Münchin.
Those gathered worked to create the “Principles for Supporting Global Careers in Graduate Education.” The principles included in the statement note that it is important for universities and graduate schools to:
  1. Communicate the value and relevance of the broader concept of “brain circulation”;
  2. Integrate international experiences and training into graduate degree programs;
  3. Provide robust support systems, programs and services;
  4. Respect reciprocity in international collaborations;
  5. Engage in developing innovative and interdisciplinary global research practices;
  6. Identify specific global competencies;
  7. Prepare students and faculty to use emerging technologies;
  8. Prepare graduate students for ethical issues;
  9. Assess and share outcomes of global experiences and partnerships;
  10. Collaborate with external partners in government, industry, professional societies, and non–governmental (NGO) sectors to facilitate multi-directional talent flows;
  11. Encourage funding agencies.
This consensus statement works to promote best practices on current issues in global master’s and doctoral education. Dean Wimbush, approving of the principles, notes that many of the principles are already being applied at Indiana University.
Learn About Life as an IU Grad Student
The Emissaries for Graduate Student Diversity program exists to answer all of your non–academic questions about what it’s like to be a graduate student at IU Bloomington.
David Nguyen, Lori Rebenitsch, Michael Hardy, Alfonse Pham, J.T. Snipes, Rob Morton, Sydney Rucker, Carl Darnell, Ngot Hoang, Tomika Ferguson, Zelideh Martinez Hoy, and Claire Quimby
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Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) Midwest Crossroads The AGEP Aims to Increase the Number of Underrepresented Grad Students in Science
The Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) is a network of universities funded by the National Science Foundation. For nearly a decade, Indiana University has partnered with Purdue and Northwestern universities in the Midwest Crossroads AGEP program. The primary goal of AGEP is to significantly increase the number of underrepresented minorities (i.e. African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders) obtaining a PhD degree; and, enhancing their preparation into the professoriate in the sciences, technology, engineering and math (STEM); and, the social, behavioral and economic sciences (SBES). AGEP is now in its evaluation phase, and we are working to submit proposals that will continue these activities at Indiana University after this year.
Funds have been allocated to support professional travel and provide access to career and professional development programs for 2012-13 AGEP student participants at IUB.
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40th Anniversary of Assistant Director of Academic Affairs
The University Graduate School celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Jody Smith, Assistant Director of Academic Affairs. Thirty-two of those years have been spent with the University Graduate School.
Pictured: Jody Smith and James Wilbush
Events and Workshops at IUPUI
The Secrets of Grad School Admission
This workshop is for those interested in getting quick tips on how to apply to Graduate School using a speed-dating model. Topics include personal statements, dos and don’ts of graduate school applications, testing, finding your passion, the differences between undergraduate and graduate school and more. Faculty and staff from IUPUI, Ball State and other local universities present the topics for eight to ten minutes then rotate to another table.
Attendees can expect to hear tips from six to eight experts during the course of the event. Refreshments are served immediately after the presenters have finished which encourages mingling between attendees and the presenters.
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Graduate School Boot Camp
This event is targeted for those who are interested in more in–depth handling of the topics covered in Speed Sessions. Attendees are required to submit a personal statement prior to the event which we have faculty review. One and a half hours of boot camp is then devoted to a personal statement workshop in which the students are in a computer lab. They are given feedback on their statement and encouraged to re–write their statements with faculty assistance as needed. Feedback from participants is always very positive about this session.
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The IUPUI Graduate Expo
This is your one-stop shop for people considering graduate school. It offers the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of graduate programs offered by IUPUI, as well as those offered by many other local, state, and national universities. The Expo has a fair-type environment where participants can ask questions, gather information and network with faculty and students.
Representatives from more than 20 IUPUI graduate programs and 50 outside universities will be on hand to share information. Grad Expo also offers workshops to help prospective students with the graduate admissions process.
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Getting You In to IUPUI
As a follow-up to the Grad Expo, prospective students will have an opportunity to continue building relationships with faculty and current students in their programs of interest at the IUPUI Graduate and Professional Programs Open House on Monday, October 8, 2012. Participants can also continue gaining insight on life as a graduate or professional student, the graduate admissions process and funding opportunities. The event is free.
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Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) & Preparing Future Professionals (PFP)
These two workshops are also hosted by the IUPUI Graduate Office. The Preparing Future Faculty program offered at IUPUI is designed to introduce advanced graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to the full range of professional responsibilities in research, teaching, and service that will be encountered in the academy. As part of a larger effort to expand professional development in graduate education, the PFF program objectives are to:
  • Supplement the academic credentials of our graduate students.
  • Enhance marketability of PFF participants.
  • Support schools and/or departments in producing more effective and knowledgeable future faculty.
  • Provide the best possible preparation for future faculty in collaboration with each individual's school and/or department.
The PFF program offered through IUPUI enhances departmental programs and provides interest to graduate students and postdocs across all disciplines seeking careers in higher education.
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October 2012:
Issue No. 10
Deadline and Award Dates
The 2012-2013 Internal Fellowship and Award Deadlines have been announced. Find out if you’re eligible to enroll, and then apply online.
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Teach at the Collins Living Learning Center
Is there a course you’ve always wanted to teach, but never had the opportunity? The Collins Living–Learning Center invites faculty members and advanced graduate students with teaching experience to submit course proposals.
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Listen to Student Success Stories
This series is open and free for anyone who wishes to attend, and is brought to you by The Graduate Office and the University Library.
The schedule for the remainder of the fall 2012 semester is as follows:
Electronic Books
Wednesday, October 10, 11:30 - 1:00, UL 2120
Finding Articles, Dissertations, and Theses–Thursday, October 18, 4:00-6:00pm, UL 2120
Tools for Organizing Your Articles & Creating Citations–Wednesday, November 14, 4:30-5:30pm, UL2120
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