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Minutes for November 15, 2010 Meeting

Members: : Jackie Byrd (IUB), Chanitra Bishop (IUB), Jennifer Laherty (IUB), Marion Frank-Wilson (IUB), Brenda Johnson (IUB), Jennifer Hehman (IUPUI), Eric Snajdr (IUPUI), Meagan Lacy (IUPUI), Scott Opasik (IUSB), Gabrielle Carr (IUS), Lori Baldwin (IUE)

Guest: Lori Duggan (IUB), Willie Miller (IUPUI), Frances Yates (IUE), Diane Bever (IUK), Rhonda Armstrong (IUK), Sue McFadden (IUS)

1. Introductions and approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved unanimously.

2. Approval of Minutes of July 9, 2010 Meeting

The minutes were approved unanimously.

3. Selection of IULFC Secretary-Elect (Rotates to Regional campuses this year)

Scott Opasik will be Secretary-Elect.

4. Old Business

FAR Report for Bloomington Librarians - progress

Dean Johnson clarified that there is no intent for IUB Libraries to impose other campuses to use their new online FAR system. Jackie Byrd mentioned IUB has appointed a new FAR implementation committee. This committee will work on documentation and training for the new online FAR. The new form will be implemented in January. Kokomo has been using FAR online, do not know about the other campuses.

University-wide Librarians P & T Committees: (Full rank members only voting on Promotion to full rank)

There is a university wide principle that states that faculty members who do not hold the rank being applied for or higher do not vote on the award of that rank in review committees. Therefore, any librarian going up for promotion to full rank librarian, must have an evaluating committee that is made up of all full rank librarians. In the past, committees in such cases were a mixture of full and associate librarians. This year we had 3 librarians go up for full rank. A last minute AdHoc committee, made up entirely of full librarians, was brought together in order to review these three cases, which have all moved forward to the next step. There were 5 cases this year for promotion to associate librarian. All 5 cases were recommended by the P/T Committee to move forward to the next step. During yesterday's BLFC meeting there was a suggestion to explore possible reasons for lack of motivation for librarians to pursue the progression from associate to full rank. BLFC members discussed the idea that we may need to be more involved in the mentoring of associate librarians and looked at the possibility of recommendation of a sub-committee. The IULFC decided that this is not just a BLFC and issue and should be considered by the IULFC. Marion will send out the recommendations to the council and we can distribute this to members.

Revisions for IULFC Handbook -update

The AdHoc Handbook Committee met last week. While many sections of the handbook are out of date and in need of revision, the group would like to also use this as an opportunity for us to consider the overall structure of the document. For example, our handbook could be reworked to be more like the handbooks of other academic units. The AdHoc Committee also discussed what might be lacking in our document. For example, there is no history of the organization, no organizational chart (or a link to one). Also lacking is any statement that indicates by what authority IULFC functions. The AdHoc Committee will send out a brief questionnaire regarding the handbook to all reps and all chairs of committees for their input.

IU Academic Handbook changes (since 2008 edition)

Circular U7-2009 has text that we all approved. This will be on the agenda next time.

Librarians' Day funding and purpose

Lori Duggan reported that last year someone from financial services helped with planning. This year Janet Seymour from Libraries Financial Services Office will serve as ex-officio. Dean Johnson mentioned that several CHL meetings ago it was brought up that we should take a look at the overall purpose of Librarians' Day. There was also a consensus by CHL that attendees not be charged for lunch. CHL suggested having the Librarians' Day Committee develop a proposal for how much they need to cover the cost of the lunch and ask the libraries to cover this cost. This year we will ask the Librarians' Day Committee to take a look at the usefulness and overall purpose of Librarians' Day (e.g. is the event is accomplishing the right things? Is as robust as it should be?). We will start by having the committee take a look at survey results from last year.

Lori - should we have money for a keynote speaker?

ULFC Documentation- on Intranet or web site, etc.

If using intranet need to make sure everyone has access.

6. IULFC Committees and Charges:

Committees and Committee Charges, 2010-2011

2010/2011 IULFC Faculty Review Board - needs to elect chair*

Representatives Alternates
Dina Kellams (2009-2011) Lou Malcolmb (2009-2011)
Sylvia Turchyn (2009-2011) David Frasier (2010-2012)
Elizabeth Johnson (2010-2012) Virginia Sojdehei (2009-2011)
Rick Ralston (2009-2011) Chris Long (2009-2011)
Todd Daniels-Howell (2010-2012) Mahnaz Moshfegh (2010-2012)
Regional Campuses
Susan Thomas, IUSB (2010-2012) Latrice Booker, IUN (2010-2012)
Ria Lukes, Kokomo (2009-2011) Melanie Hughes, IUSE (2009-2011)

Purpose: "To provide all librarians employed by Indiana University with a fair and equitable appeal procedure for those differences which cannot be settled through normal administrative channels and/or the Libraries Human Resources Officer."(IUL Library Faculty Handbook, p. 5)

*The IULFC Faculty Review Board Selects its chair from the committee

2010/2011 IULFC Faculty Standards Committee

Jackie Byrd (2010-12)
Richard Humphrey (2009-2011), Chair
Regional Campuses
Alison Stankrauff, IUSB (2010-2011)
Immediate Past-Chair (non-voting consultant): Linda Fisher, IUSB (2010-2011)
Libraries Human Resources Officer (ex officio): Virginia Sojdehei
IULFC Liaison: Jackie Byrd

Purpose: (from IUL Library Faculty Handbook, p. 6):

  1. Review and analyze general responsibilities, privileges, and compensation of the library faculty and make recommendations where appropriate.
  2. Review existing appointment and promotion and tenure criteria and make recommendations where appropriate.
  3. Review existing methods for evaluating performance and make recommendations where appropriate.

2010/2011 IULFC Promotion and Tenure Committee

Lou Malcomb (2010-2012)
Wen-ling Liu (2010-2012), Secretary-Elect
Celestina Savonius-Wroth (2010-2012), Chair-Elect
Becky Cape (2009-2011)
Lynda Fuller Clendenning (2010-2012), Secretary
Regional Campuses
Sue McFadden, Richmond (2009-2011), Chair
Diane Bever, IUK (2010-2012)

Purpose: (from IUL Library Faculty Handbook, p. 7)
To review each dossier submitted in the promotion and tenure processes, and to make recommendations to the Dean of University Libraries.

2010/2011 IULFC Research Committee

Wookjin Cheun (2010-2012)
Michelle Dalmau (2010-2012)
Barbara Gushrowski (2010-2012)
Kimberly Thompson (2010-2012)
Regional Campuses
Alison Stankrauff, IUSB (2010-2012)
Margit Codispoti, IPFW (2009-2011), Chair
IPFW: Margit Codispoti (2009-2011)
IUE: Sue McFadden (2009-2011)
IUN: Latrice Booker (2010-2012)
IUSB: Alison Stankrauff (2010-2012)
IUS: Kate Moore (2010-2012)
IUK: Rhonda Armstrong (2010-2012)
Research Committee IULFC Liaison: Meagan Lacy, IUPUI

Purpose:(from the IUL Library Faculty Handbook, p. 8)

  1. To monitor the research needs of the IU Library Faculty.
  2. To develop means of addressing those needs.
  3. To encourage research by the IU Library Faculty and to raise their research consciousness.
  4. To raise the consciousness of the University community about IU librarians doing research.

2010/2011 IULFC Sabbatical Leave Committee

Cindy Dabney (2010-2012)
Virginia Sojdehei (2010-2012)
Nels Gunderson (2009-2011), Chair
Regional Campuses
Sue McFadden, IUE (2010-2012)

Purpose: (from the IUL Library Faculty Handbook, p. 9)
The function of this Committee shall be to consider sabbatical leave proposals of librarians from the Bloomington and regional campuses and to make recommendations to the Dean of University Libraries.

2010/2011 White Award Committee

Rachael Stoeltje (2010-2012)
Chanitra Bishop (2009-2011)
Brenda Burk (2009-2010)
Regional Campuses
Kirby Cheng, IUSB (2010-2012)
White Award Committee IULFC Liaison: Jennifer Laherty

Purpose:(IUL Library Faculty Handbook, p. 10): The function of the committee shall be to consider all applications for the White Award. (Further explanation of the Award can be found in the IUL Library Faculty Handbook, p. 81-85).

2010/2011 Indiana University Librarians' Day Committee

Bloomington: Lori Duggan (2009-2011), Chair
Janet Seymour, ex-officio
Willie Miller (2010-2012)
Lora Baldwin, IUE(2010-2012)
Librarians Day Committee IULFC liaison: Lora Baldwin

Purpose (from the IUL Library Faculty Handbook, p. 5): The function of the committee shall be to arrange the annual Indiana University Librarians' Day meeting. The purpose of Librarians' Day is to provide a forum for discussion of current topics and interaction among IU Librarians.

2010/2011 Indiana University Mentor Program Committee

Bloomington: Anne Haynes (2009-2011), Chair
Anthony Stamatoplos (2010-2012)
Susan Thomas, IUSB (2010-2012)
Libraries Human Resources Officer (ex officio): Jennifer Chaffin

Purpose (from the IUL Library Faculty Handbook, p. 10): The primary responsibility of this Committee is to administer the Mentor Program which has as its goal to provide tenure track librarians in the Indiana University Libraries system with a mentor.

Approval of 2009-2010 Annual reports of Committees as posted

Some committees did not submit an annual report.

Bloomington only committees and awards: BLFC or IULFC or Both?

Should the Sabbatical Committee be Bloomington only, and not an IULFC Committee? Purpose to give peer support when it went to campus committee.

Because the Jenkins Award Committee was listed on the IULFC Website, there was discussion as to whether or not the Jenkins Award Committee be for Bloomington only. The guidelines for nomination state "Any member of the Indiana University community is eligible to nominate any current or former Bloomington librarian for the award..."

Indianapolis only committees and awards/grants: ILFC or IULFC or Both?

Re: ILFC P & T Committee, Minde Browning Award Committee - How do we deal with these?

7. Dean's Report

Future meetings will be as follows: February 11, 2011 - IUPUI Medical Library June 17, 2011 - Fort Wayne

Welcomed Vicki Bloom, new Dean of Indiana University South Bend Schurz Library

David Lewis (IUPUI) spoke about the etextbook project that the university is pursuing. President McRobbie approved using course fees for using etexts. This service seems to be particularly good for large enrollment classes.

Mechael Charbonneau reported on Resource Description and Access Testing (RDA).

Tim Sutherland talked about how he is looking at online courses and how they are being supported. In particular, his Vice Chancellor has expressed disappointment that library databases are not accessible by their campus. Several other CHL members commented that even when the site licensing issues are explained to the regional campus administrators they won't accept that the resources cannot be made available to all campuses.

Mary Popp spoke about the libraries' policy for remote access to electronic resources for faculty and students for education reasons and the policy for faculty to request remote access to electronic resources on another campus for research purposes.

Robert McDonald spoke about the Unicode conversion. Between December 19 and January 2 IUCAT will be available in read only mode. There will be no access to "My Account" or "Request Delivery". Patrons will be able to request items from ALF using a Web-based form.

Robert shared slides Kuali OLE (Open Library Environment). He described two IU statewide committees: NextGen Discovery and Communications Committee.

Phil Bantin talked about electronic records management. He described a repository called AIM (Archives of Institutional Memory) to preserve some of the discrete official documents of the university.

Kimberly Thompson and Sherri Michaels gave a Scholarworks presentation at the Statewide IT Conference.

Gary Charbonneau and Brenda Johnson gave a presentation on HathiTrust for the Statewide IT Conference. Brenda is willing to share the slides.

A system wide committee is being created to take a look at P&T issues. Julie Bobay, Jackie Byrd, Gabrielle Carr, Elizabeth Johnson, Cheryl Truesdell, Nonie Watt and someone from IUPUI will serve on the committee.

In response to President McRobbie's Principles of Excellence (metrics and strategic plan) Brenda is working at very short notice to pull together the responses from all of the Directors/Deans the IU Libraries in order to submit something to the university.

8. New Business

No new business.

9. Adjournment

Approved on March 11, 2011)