InULA Research Incentive Fund Guidelines

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Any regular member of InULA is eligible to apply.
  2. Applicants should fill out the InULA Research Incentive Fund application form. This form requires a description of the project, a budget, a statement of the part for which funding is requested, and other supporting information.
  3. Applicants should include one to three letters of support from individuals who are knowledgeable about their research project and/or other supporting documentation.
  4. InULA Executive Board members may not participate while they are in office.

Categories of Support

  1. Seed support of research and research-related activities used to develop a larger research proposal.
  2. Funds for research equipment or materials.
  3. Travel to support the research project.
  4. Publication subsidies.
  5. Other needs not defines above, including copying, secretarial services, preparation of graphics for publications, computing services, ILL costs, postage, telephone, etc.

Priorities for Awarding the InULA Research Incentive Fund

The InULA Research Incentive Fund is intended to encourage and support research by providing funding for research projects of any size or scope. All applications will be considered on their merits. In the case of equally meritorious proposals, those of non-tenured librarians may be given priority, because it is often difficult for beginning researchers to obtain research grants.

Operations Guidelines

  1. Each year there are funds to distribute, the President of InULA shall inform the Executive Board of the amount of money available. The Board shall invite librarians to prepare proposals for the use of these monies, establish a deadline for receiving proposals, and a calendar for reviewing them. This process shall be called a funding cycle in a calendar year. Depending on the availability of funds, there may be more than one funding cycle in a calendar year.
  2. Applications are available online.
  3. The Scholarship and Grants Committee will receive and review Research Incentive Fund applications and submit their recommendations to the Executive Board for final approval and funding. It is possible for the Committee to recommend partial funding for a proposal.
  4. The Board shall be responsible for monitoring and reviewing the use of funds awarded in previous years. The recipient is required to submit a one-page summary describing use of these funds.

Funding Guidelines

  1. Unused Monies

All funds not awarded in a funding quarter will be carried over into the remaining quarter(s). This sum shall be equally dispersed among the remaining quarters(s).

Annual Deadlines for Applications

Or the next working day if these dates fall on a weekend or holiday.

Revised March 2009