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Padraic Kenney

Weatherly Hall 103

Educational Background

  • PhD University of Michigan (History), 1992
  • MA University of Toronto (History), 1986
  • BA Harvard College (Slavic), 1985

Region Of Interest

  • Eastern Europe
  • Ukraine/Russia
  • South Africa
  • Ireland

Research Topics

  • Democratic revolutions
  • Social movements
  • Authoritarian states
  • Communism and Postcommunism

Research Summary

How do non-democratic states get most citizens to comply with, or even to support their rule? How do people experience such regimes, whether they are supporters, opponents, or somewhere in between? I have studied these questions by looking at workers women, and youth in Communist Eastern Europe, and comparing democratic revolutions in that region and in other cases around the world. I am now completing a book on political imprisonment in the modern world, from the mid-nineteenth century to Guantanamo.

Representative Publications

  • “‘I felt a kind of pleasure in seeing them treat us brutally.’ The Emergence of the Political Prisoner, 1865–1910.” Comparative Studies in Society and History 54:4 (2012), 863-89.
  • 1989: Democratic Revolutions at the Cold War’s End: A Brief History with Documents. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin‘s, 2010.
  • “Martyrs and Neighbors: Sources of Reconciliation in Central Europe.” Common Knowledge 13:1 (Winter 2007), 149-69.
  • The Burdens of Freedom: Eastern Europe Since 1989. London: Zed Books, 2006.
  • Partisan Histories: The Past in Contemporary Global Politics. Co-edited with Max Paul Friedman. NY: Palgrave Press, 2005.
  • Transnational Moments of Change: Europe 1945, 1968, 1989. Co-edited with Gerd-Rainer Horn. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2004.
  • A Carnival of Revolution: Central Europe, 1989. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2002.
  • Rebuilding Poland: Workers and Communists, 1945-1950. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1997.

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