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Lesson Plans

The IAUNRC supports the creation of lesson plans and other materials that bring the IAUNRC's region into the classroom. Following is a selection of materials covering our region, some of which were produced in whole or in part by the IAUNRC. Where possible, the relevant Indiana Educational Standards are indicated. These materials are freely available for non-commercial use.

Spotlight on Inner Asia: The Bizarre Bazaar
One of the first classroom resource guides of its kind. This comprehensive guide to teaching about Inner Asia helps teachers navigate through this new and challenging territory. Though scarcely known in the West, the region has always been a place of multiple and often unimaginable interactions – of peoples, ideas, commodities, and beliefs – The Bizarre Bazaar.

The Central Asia Middle School Education Project
This joint project between Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the IAUNRC is a unit of lesson plans addressing the cultural and ecological “worlds” of Central Asia, specifically the countries of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.

Common Pool Resources and the Aral Sea
Environmental issues and economics are addressed in a lesson plan designed for middle school students, but adaptable to higher or lower grade levels.

Tibet and Inner Asia in the Classroom is a seven day unit on Tibet and Inner Asia designed for Indiana's Geography and History of the World Course. Download the full lesson plan, or download Lesson 1,Lesson 2,Lesson 3, Lesson 4, and Lesson 5 individually.

Waterways in the Middle East is a lesson plan produced by the IAUNRC that focuses on Turkey and Iraq and the Headwaters of Tigris and Euphrates (1900-present). It is geared towards middle schoolers and specfically addresses Conflict and Cooperation: Standard 7 of the Indiana Standards for the Geography and History of the World course.

Introducing the Mongols
A PowerPoint based lesson produced by the IAUNRC. It includes a downloadable lesson plan and other resources.

Geography and History of the World - States, Nations, and Nation-States: Kazakhstan
A five to six day unit examining key political concepts in the context of Kazakhstan. Includes both a detailed lesson plan with handouts and a PowerPoint presentation.

Investigating Central Asia Through Maps
Produced by Xpeditions at National Geographic, this is one of many lessons in their series focusing on the national geography standards. This lesson is intended for 6th - 8th grade students.

PBS Frontline World: Kyrgystan
PBS offers a lesson plan addressing certain marriage practices in Kyrgyzstan that can be adapted for use in middle and high school classrooms. The lesson plan is supplemented with online streaming video clips.

Destination: Kyrgyzstan The Peace Corps/Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools produced this online video resource. A study guide that can be used as the basis for lessons is available here from the US Department of Education.

Teaching Techniques and Materials for the Study of Inner Asia: The Peoples of the Steppe: A Historical and Cultural Perspective is a downloadable compilation of materials produced by the IAUNRC.