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New Course: CEUS-R 181: Introduction to Turkey: Language, Society, and Culture

Intro to Turkey:
Language, Society and Culture
CEUS-R 181
2nd 8-week
Spring 2017
Taught by
Dr. Öner Özçelik
Central Eurasian Studies

Being a country with lands in both Asia and Europe, and surrounded by Europe to the
west, Russia to the north, Iran and the Middle East to the south, and the
predominantly Turkic speaking Central Asia to the east, Turkey occupies the heart of the
Eurasian continent. Descendant of many important empires, Turks and the Turkish
language played a crucial role in history and continue to do so.
In this class, we will explore Turkey and the Turkish language and culture focusing on both
the country’s modern challenges and opportunities and the historical roots of the current
situation, as well as learning some fun facts about Turkish and Turkic empires and rulers.
Students will also be introduced to popular culture through Turkish songs movies, TV
shows and newspapers, as well as Turkey's geography and places to visit, and in doing so,
they will also acquire a few helpful phrases in Turkish through interactive activities.
There is no final exam for this class. There will instead be a final project, as well as other
smaller class projects, which will lead you to apply your knowledge in practical ways, such as
interviews with Turkish people in Bloomington, reviewing a written commentary on Turkey, etc.
This course bears (i) College CASE S&H Breadth of Inquiry and (ii) Global Civ & Culture
credit. No prior knowledge of Turkey Turkish language or culture is required