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Turkish Flagship Docks at Indiana University

Plans have long been in the works, but it was only towards the end of September that a public announcement was made: Indiana University and the Department of Central Eurasian Studies have received the US Defense Department’s only Turkish Language Flagship Program. 

In mid-September a team from IIE (those administering the Flagship Programs here in the US) visited IU to more closely evaluate the resources available here and speak with the potential program administrators in person.  Pleased with what they saw, the decision was made to award Indiana University with the country’s first Turkish Language Flagship.  Effective immediately from its official founding in September 2011, the Turkish Language Flagship will provide the resources necessary to train a cohort of 15 undergraduate students a year, leading ultimately to a year abroad at a partner institution in Turkey itself.  In the future, “bridge” programs are also envisioned to allow Turkish Flagship students to take advantage of CEUS’ unique background in Central Eurasian languages and learn Uzbek, Azerbaijani, or Turkmen.

The IAUNRC applauds the increased focus on and funding for an inner Asian language and welcomes the possibility of future cooperation between the Center and the Flagship Program here at IU.

For more information on the Turkish Flagship Program at Indiana University, please see the interview with Professor Kemal Silay, also in this issue of the IAUNRC e-Newsletter!