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Navruz Celebration

On March 26, 2017, the Association for Central Asian Studies held its annual Navruz Concert in the Global and International Studies Building. The GISB Auditorium was full of both participants and audience members who came to celebrate the Persian and Central Asian New Year. Spectators were treated to songs, dances and poetry recitals by Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA), Persian language students, and IU students who are originally from countries that celebrate Navruz, such as Iran. The program began with a Tashkent-Ferghana style dance performed by Madina Rakhimova, a FLTA from Uzbekistan, and ended with a Kazakh Kara Jorga style dance performed by Aliya Sultanova, a FLTA from Kazakhstan.  The evening commenced with a buffet-style dinner catered by Anatolia restaurant.

Other performances included:

·         Performance of Turkish song “Mavilim (My Blue)” by Ezgi Benli Garcia Guerrero

·         Performance of the Persian song “Sar Oomad Zemestoon (Winter is Over)” by Bardia Doosti and Masoud Kamalahmadi

·         Recitation of Uyghur Poem “Bahar Kaldi (Spring Has Come)” by Mustafa Aksu

·         Performance of Persian song “Mehmuni-ye Bahar (Spring Festivity)” by students of the Persian language accompanied by Shahyar Daneshgar and Jermaine Butler

·         Performance of Kazakh pop song “Muhabbat Arali (The Island of Love)” by Samuel Buelow

·         Uyghur stage style dance performed by Jewher Ilham

·         Performance of  Persian song “Bahar-I Dilnishin (Sweet Spring)” by S. Leila Asghari

·         Performance of Tatar song “Ay, Bylbylym” performed by 11-year-old Kamilla Shakirova, daughter of Tatar FLTA Golshat Safiullina

·         Recitation of Persian poem “Resid Mozdeh Keh, Amad Bahar (Good Tidings, Spring Has Arrived)” by  Matthew Kuhl and Cara Swakopf

·         Performance of Uyghur song “Mashrap Yoq Yar’da (Where There is No Mashrap)” by Elisa Anderson

·         Persian and Azerbaijani medley performed by Shahyar Daneshgar and Jermaine Butler

This event was made possible thanks to support from the Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center, the Department of Central Asian Studies, the Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region, the Center for the Study of the Middle East, and the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology.


Ezgi Benli Garcia Guerrero performs “Mavilim”

Shahyar Daneshgar and Jermaine Butler play a Persian and Azerbaijani medley

Mustafa Aksu recites the Uyghur poem “Bahar Kaldi”