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Tim Grose "Islam (Re)Embraced: The 'Xinjiang Class' and the Dynamics Of Uyghur Ethno-national Identity"

Tue, Dec 3, 12:00 pm
Hoosier Room, IMU

Tim Grose, who just received his Ph.D. from the Central Eurasian Studies department, will be discussing his work on "Islam (Re)Embraced: The 'Xinjiang Class' and the Dynamics Of Uyghur Ethno-national Identity" on Tuesday December 3rd, from noon to one in the Hoosier Room, IMU.

"This talk introduces the "Xinjiang Class", a four-year, national-level boarding school program established by the Chinese Communist Party in the year 2000.   Drawing on nearly three years of field work conducted in the People's Republic of China, which included semi-structured interviews with over sixty graduates of the boarding school program, the talk intends to cast doubt on the effectiveness of the Xinjiang Class in "interpellating" young Uyghurs as compliant members of the Chinese Nation (Zhonghua minzu).   Above all, I contend that Uyghur graduates of the Xinjiang Class have embraced a non-Chinese ethno-national identity, an identity bound by Central Asian and Islamic Cultural norms, and have rejected Chinese state-constructed minzu identities.”

This is the final talk of this semester in the new Graduate Student Brown Bag Talks, designed to allow students to share their research, work, experiences and goals with their peers. If graduate students are interested in participating in the series next semester, please email