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Rohullah Amin "Dehumanizing Stereotypes of the 'Other' in Afghan Ethnic Relations"

Mon, Jan 26, 5:30 pm
Ballantine Hall 332



Lecture by Dr. Rohullah Amin

Director of American Institute of Afghanistan Studies, Kabul

In societies that experience violence and armed conflict, groups of people are mobilized on the basis of narratives that legitimizes the use of force, and violence against the out- group. During the war in Afghanistan context, basic ethnic stereotypes were used to dehumanize and demonize the "other" and depict them as "enemy" in order to make it easier for the in-group to inflict harm and exert violence against the out- group without hesitation, remorse or regret.

Monday, January 26


Ballantine Hall, rm. 332

An Afghan national, Dr. Rohullah Amin is a medical doctor by training (psychiatrist) and graduated from Kabul Medical University. He completed his Master's in Applied Psychology at New York University under a Fulbright scholarship. Currently, Amin serves as the country director of the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies, a research center encouraging scholarly research on Afghanistan. Amin conducts independent research on the psychology of peacebuilding and the rehabilitation of war mentality, focusing on stereotypical perspectives of in-group and out- group thinking in Afghanistan. Amin is also a lecturer at the American University of Afghanistan.