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Recovering the Richness of Central Asian Nomadic Culture: The Challenges for Public Memory

Wed, Feb 13, 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
IMU Maple Room

A lecture by Dr. Saule Satayeva, Vice Director of Kazakhstan’s Central State Archive of Cinema and Photography and Fulbright Fellow at American University. Dr. Satayeva is currently conducting archival research related to American travelers who illuminated Kazakh Nomadic culture through their visual and written documents. Through her study of archival documents in the U.S., her hope is to preserve their heritage, and help create academic exchanges and joint research projects between our countries.

She completed her PhD in 2010 in Historiography, Source Studies and Historical Research Techniques at the Oriental Studies Institute of the Science and Education Ministry of Kazakhstan.

Sponsored by the Sinor Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies.