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Lecture: "The Trials of Gendun Chopel"

Thu, Feb 1, 5:00 pm
GA 1100

On Thursday, February 1, Dr. Donald Lopez will be giving a lecture entitled "The Trials of Gendun Chopel," in the Global and International Studies Building, room 1100.

Gendun Chopel (1903-1951) was arguably the most important Tibetan intellectual of the twentieth century, renowned as a poet, painter, historian, and philosopher. In the summer of 1945, he made his triumphant return to Lhasa after over a decade of travels throughout South Asia. Within a year, he was convicted of treason and imprisoned at the foot of the Potala. This lecture will examine the events leading up to his arrest and consider the still unanswered question of why he was condemned by those who had feted him a few months earlier.

This lecture is free and open to the public.