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Commemoration of the 1956 Revolution in Hungary

1956 Commemoration

On October 17th, 2013 the Bloomington and Indiana University communities gathered to commemorate the 1956 Revolution in Hungary.  The 1956 Revolution lasted from October 23rd until November 10th when Hungarians nationwide spontaneously protested against the Soviet policies of the People’s Republic of Hungary and over 200,000 members of the resistance were then forced to flee as refugees.  The Bloomington commemoration included the readings of poems from Hungarian poets and refugees including Faludy György and Márai Sándor. 

A special feature of the 2013 Commemoration was the appearance of the Rajko Orchestra, an internationally renowned Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra from Budapest that performs traditional folk music and classical masterpieces on traditional instruments.  All ensemble performers are true masters of their instrument and have played together as a ensemble for decades, producing a truly beautiful sound.  Indiana University Professor Lynn Hooker gave some remarks of the importance of music and music styles as a form of political protest and in constructing memory and identity, especially for the diaspora community.  The event was also marked by enjoying traditional Hungarian foods and watching traditional Hungarian dancing as the community came together to remember the events of 1956.

The event was sponsored by the Hungarian Cultural Association, Central Eurasian Studies Department, Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center, Russian and East European Institute, and the IU Student Association