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Sino-Tibetan Relations


This course carries Culture Studies & COLL S & H distribution credit

This course will survey the interaction between Tibet and China from the earliest period of contact up through the present day. Students will explore this interaction as it relates to political, cultural, economic, religious and other links. Among the various areas explored will be the rise of Tibet as a dynamic empire competing with Tang China, the development of religious links between Tibetan hierarchs and Chinese rulers, and the ongoing conflict over Tibet's incorporation into the People's Republic of China.

Requirements: Undergraduates are required to read only the readings from Shakabpa, Tibet. A political History and Wang Furen and Suo Wenqing, Highlights of Tibetan History. Graduate students are responsible for Shakabpa and Wang & Suo, plus the other materials designated for graduate students. Undergraduates are required to take a midterm and a final, both made up of two short answer sections and one essay section. Graduate students are required to take a midterm and a final, both made up only of essay questions. In addition, graduate students are required to write a 10-15 page final paper.

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Department of Central Eurasian Studies