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Introduction to Central Asian History


This COURSE carries COLL S & H distribution credit

This course introduces the history of the traditional Central Eurasian (‘Inner Asian’) peoples through lectures and films. Topics include: the Central Eurasian Culture Complex and the Proto-Indo-Europeans; the nomads and the Silk Road; the Indo-European Chariot warriors; the Scythians and Hsiung-nu; the Proto-Mongolic peoples, the Goths, and Attila the Hun; The Turkic and Tibetan Empires; Chinggis (‘Genghis’) Khan and the Mongol Empire; Tamerlane; Babur and the Mughal Empire; the Manchu Empire and the Dalai Lama; Manchu-Chinese and Russian partition of Central Eurasia and closing of the Silk Road; reemergence of Central Eurasia in the late 20th century; and others. The course includes extensive use of films, including Attila, The Conqueror, Lost Horizon, Kundun, Seven Years in Tibet, Dzhamilya (Jamila), and Urga.

Regions Covered

Historical Central Eurasia


Department of Central Eurasian Studies