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Estonian Culture and Civilization



This course will explore the various facets of Estonian cultural development from its Finno-Ugric and Uralic roots to the present. Topics covered will include language, folklore and the oral tradition, belletristic literature, the development of literacy and education, religion, the rise of an Estonian-language press and the printed word in general, and various forms of high culture--especially music, art, architecture, theater, and film. Although the course will focus on the Estonian case, some comparisons will be made with neighboring and more distant European cultural traditions. There will be a number of media presentations to illustrate the developments in the areas noted above.

Students will be evaluated as follows: (1) 5-7-pp. thinkpiece essay on literary works--20%, (2) 5-7-pp. bibliographical essay--20%, (3) 15-20-pp. research paper--35%, and oral work--25%.

Regions Covered



Department of Central Eurasian Studies