With over 100 members from all areas of campus, the Hutton Honors Council Association (HHCA) is the largest Hutton honors organization on the Bloomington campus. We exist to build community, to foster leadership development, and to serve the greater Bloomington community. We carry out this mission by organizing social, academic, and philanthropic initiatives for students living in the dorms, students within career or academic focus areas, and the Honors College and campus communities. Each year our members work together to create over 50 unique initiatives that help to flavor campus life for honors students. HHCA and its students are continually recognized for the outstanding campus service and leadership. 

Get Involved!

HHCA is 100% student-led and consists of a campus-wide executive board as well as autonomous residential and campus councils. At HHCA we recognize the importance of how people achieve their goals and not what they just achieve. We mentor leaders to become facilitators no matter their leadership style or personality. We offer numerous opportunities for professional development, and we also provide a fun opportunity for honors students to make a difference in the lives of others. HHCA offers immersive leadership opportunities for incoming freshmen as well as upperclassmen. See how you can get involved with HHCA today!