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Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

It's GPSO Grad Appreciation Week!

It's the final week of classes, which means GPSO Grad Appreciation Week! On Thursday we're hosting karaoke at the Bluebird exclusively for GPSO members and their guests. Be there at 7:00pm to eat free pizza, drink $1 pints, and sing your heart out. Then on Friday it's the GPSO Grad Bash at the Root Cellar! We'll be there from 7:00-9:00pm with free premium appetizers, live music, and drink specials. DON'T MISS OUT!

Dissertation Workshop Wait List Open

Whether you're about to start working on your dissertation, or you're coming back to it after a busy spring, we know your goal is to get the most out of the summer months. This one-day workshop will help you start the summer right. Graduate students, librarians, faculty and other experts will share their insights on organizing your research, planning a summer research trip, developing a sustainable writing schedule, writing with a future book project in mind, staying sane while dissertating, and more (see below for the full schedule). The April 26th workshop filled up very quickly, but you can join the waiting list for future workshops here. Interest in future workshops will be gauged using the waitlist and people on the wait listed will be contacted with updates for these events.

Testing Room Supervisor Jobs Open

The Office of First Year Experience Programs is currently gearing up for this year’s New Student Orientation and they need your help.

They are looking for 4-6 Testing Room Supervisors who will help proctor exams for incoming students.  These positions are part-time (15-20 hours) and provide a great opportunity to become involved with New Student Orientation and supplement any income that you have from other summer employment opportunities.

If you are interested in this position, please review the job description and apply via the online application.  Interviews will take place before the end of this semester.

Department of Near East Languages and Cultures GWS Job Opening

The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures is seeking a student with superior computer skills whose job description includes preparing/editing the Department’s annual lectures, Departmental Newsletter, and sending out materials to our Alumni mailing list.  This candidate must also be able to assist in constructing, editing, and updating the Departmental website.  The right candidate for this position must be willing to work as a team member.

  • Excellent writing and editing skills are required
  • Strong working knowledge of Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook and Microsoft Publisher
  • Strong working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver
  • Responsible for management of all matters connected with the two annual NELC lectures, including preparing programs and invitations, promoting the events, assisting with the receptions, maintaining our Alumni/Donor list
  • Assistance in obtaining manuscripts of papers from lecturers, and editing and preparing for publication
  • Design and preparation of NELC newsletter
  • Assisting Departmental Chair, Departmental Coordinator and other administrative staff as directed/needed
  • Performance of various Departmental duties as needed, including (but not limited to) photocopying, handling confidential materials, sorting/retrieving mail, answering phones, basic office reception services
  • The Work Study position requires 15 hours per week
  • Includes fee remission and stipend

 Application Procedure:

Applicants should submit a cover letter and C.V. to the following:

Connie Sue May/Departmental Coordinator
NELC GWS Applications
Goodbody Hall Room 214
1011 East Third Street
Bloomington, Indiana 47405



Preference in hiring is given to graduate students in related area study and/or familiarity in a language of the area and publishing experience.

*All applicants must complete the FAFSA and be deemed eligible to receive Federal Graduate Work Study Assistance. 


Share Goals, Get Accountability

Natalie Houston for ProfHacker

Do you ever promise yourself that you’ll do something, only to let it slide?

Many of us have good intentions that we don’t act upon.

One way to clarify your commitments and to take action towards your important goals is to involve other people.

Find an Accountability Partner or Community

A good accountability partner should be able to ask you clarifying questions, offer you encouragement and support, and hold you to your commitments. Depending on your personality type and the kinds of goals you want to work towards, you may want a partner who is primarily supportive or one who will be more firm with you if you start to back away from your commitments.

Several online communities exist to help motivate and track personal goals. 43 Things has been active for several years and allows you to see the goals that others have set and comment on them to provide support and advice. The iOS goal tracking app Lift helps you track your daily actions and combines that with social interaction and community features, like productivity challenges. The web-based goal-tracking tool Joe’s Goals also has some social features and badges to announce your progress with your daily or weekly habits. Many academics on Twitter share goals with each other and support each other through writing or grading “sprints.”

State Your Goal

Whether your goal is to write 5 pages this week, finish a stack of grading, or go to the gym at 6:00 am tomorrow, articulating it to someone else makes it more real. This can be as simple as emailing your accountability partner at the beginning of the week. Each partner should ask clarifying questions to help ensure the goal is specific and measurable: i.e., if you say “I want to exercise more this week,” I might say “How many days do you want to exercise, and for how long?”

Over time, your accountability partner or community can help you get a reality check on your goals. Sometimes the gap between intention and action occurs because our expectations are out of line with what we can realistically accomplish.

Check In

Having a regular check in with your accountability partner about the progress you’ve made towards your stated goal helps motivate you towards taking action, so that you’ll have something to report, and also helps increase your awareness of what you’re spending your time on. Depending on your goals, your check-ins might be weekly, daily, or even more frequent. Sending and receiving a quick email or text message that says “Wrote for 45 minutes this morning …how about you?” can be a great boost to your morale.


Goal-setting is a process that requires frequent recalibrations. Just as the same goal won’t work for everyone, the same goal may not work for you every week of the year. Working with an accountability partner, whether that’s a friend, colleague, coach, mentor, or online community, provides a structure and feedback that facilitates making those adjustments.


One of the best things about sharing your goals with someone in a productive accountability relationship is that you can celebrate your success with someone who can really appreciate what it took for you to write those pages or get to the gym at 6:00 am three days this week. Celebrating the small and large successes makes goal setting and goal achievement much more enjoyable.

GPSO plans your summer for you!

I have had an absolute blast finding shiny things to suggest and joke about in this space, and frequently just offered whatever it was I wanted to do because I'm a selfish extrovert and I like it when people do the things I like to do. Thank you for your feedback, it really made this job fun. This is my last newsletter and the last GPSO newsletter until incoming Communications Coordinator Cayla Bellamy takes over in the fall, so you're on your own for the summer.

I suggest you keep an eye on and never stop exploring this amazing town, international culture, and gorgeous surroundings. Run with the Hash House Harriers. Go see a rock show. Support local charities by attending their breakfasts. Catch an art gallery opening, not just for the wine! Subscribe to all the local theatre groups' Facebook pages so you don't miss any new plays. Make a point of attending the GPSO events; there are people to meet that are struggling with some of the same stuff you're struggling with. Make time for memories, they're just as important as your work, if not more so.

Best wishes and heartfelt appreciation,

Laura Holt

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