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The Germanic Studies Department values greater communication and cooperation between schools, the community, and the university. It is essential to promote German language and culture at all levels in order to encourage cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, and to support continual growth and interest in Germanic studies. It is our hope that by providing students and teachers with additional resources and opportunities, we will inspire the next generation of eager and academically-minded German learners. We invite you to our Outreach coordinator concerning any of the resources below.

Campus Visits and Classroom Cultural Components:

High School –» IU: German high school teachers can make arrangements with the German Outreach Coordinator to bring their German students to visit the IU Bloomington campus and the Germanic Studies Department for an orientation and information session. If time permits, the teacher and students may sit in on an actual class session, or enjoy a tour in German of the treasures located in the IU Art Museum and Lilly Library. Please allow at least two weeks to make arrangements.

IU –» High School: Area high school German teachers can contact the German Outreach Coordinator and request a speaker to visit their classroom and present on a desired cultural or literary topic. The coordinator will attempt to find a suitable presenter and bring him/her to the classroom, at no cost to the high school. At this time, interested high schools must be within a two-hour drive of Bloomington, Indiana. Please allow at least two weeks for arrangements.

IU –» All Schools (via interactive video): The International Studies in Schools (ISIS) program is available free-of-charge to K-12 teachers, in Indiana or any state, whose school has access to IAV technology. A teacher may request a specific topic, and the ISIS coordinator will work in conjunction with the appropriate presenter to provide a tailored information and question session for the students. Some previous topics in Germanic Studies have been the Weimar Republic, the Holocaust, German Dance, and German Immigrants in the US.

Advance College Project – German:

The Advance College Project is a concurrent enrollment program for high school students. Advanced high school teachers who are accepted by ACP and the department are invited to Bloomington for an orientation, during which time they learn how to adapt the same syllabus and materials used here in undergraduate courses to their own classroom setting. Those high school students who successfully complete the courses not only receive both high school and IU credit, but also gain the distinct advantage of succeeding in an undergraduate course – something that AP courses do not offer.

Honors Program in Foreign Languages for High School Students - Krefeld:

Every summer the Honors Program in Foreign Languages for High School Students sends about thirty students to each of the seven-week programs: in France, St. Brieuc and Brest; in Germany, Krefeld; in Mexico, San Luis Potosi, and in Spain, Valencia, Leon, and Ciudad Real. Each student is placed with a local family selected by the coordinators abroad. Intensive study conducted in the foreign language is the focal point of the program. Students are taught by qualified teachers in classes established exclusively for the Honors Program participants. The emphasis is on improving speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, to which end a “no-English” rule prevails while the students are abroad. Formal learning involves daily morning classes and activities.

Teacher Workshops and Film Library:

The Germanic Studies Department works together with the Center for West European Studies to host workshops where teachers develop lesson plans incorporating cultural topics into the language classroom. In addition, teachers may check out free of charge any film from the hundreds available in the WEST library

Community and Other Events:

If you have an inquiry that does not fit any of the topics above, please feel free to contact us, for we may be able to accommodate your request. We have hosted “Oktoberfest” for Lakeview Elementary, provided activity booths for Lotus Blossoms, co-hosted visiting high school students to the annual Lotus Music Festival, and arranged presenters for area retirement communities.

For questions, please contact the German Outreach Coordinator,
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