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The Ruth E. Aten World Doll Collection: Unidentified

This list, with accompanying photos, contains dolls that have not been attributed to a specific region.

Unidentified2. Straw Woven Hand Puppet. 4 ½“ Green and red straw with circles.

Straw Woven Hand Puppet

Unidentified3. Knit Camel. 4” Rust colored knit camel.  Markings: “Mercele Molina."

Knit Camel

Unidentified4. Wooden Male. 6 ¾” Painted wooden doll statue, red vest, pill-box hat, nailed swinging arms.

Wooden Male

Unidentified6. Straw Girl. 14” Doll made of different colored strands of straw, green hat, purple dress and red hands and feet.

Straw Girl

Unidentified7. Lady in Lace. 6 ½” Composition souvenir doll in white dress with lace trim. Given by Ruth Aten

Lady in Lace

Unidentified8. Red Donkey. 8 ½” Red stuffed donkey with detailed hand sewn trim and design, beading around the neck.

Red Donkey

Unidentified9. Eastern European Girl. 12” Plastic doll in traditional dress. Black fiber hair. Probably Eastern Europe but has oriental eyes. Box included and needs translated.

Eastern European Girl