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Special Opportunities


Students can avail of performance opportunities that allow them to engage a musical culture with a degree of intimacy unmatched by classroom lecture format. These opportunities include:

Senior Honors Thesis

Outstanding seniors pursuing a major in Folklore and Ethnomusicology are encouraged to apply for the departmental honors program, which provides students with the opportunity to pursue an in-depth research project under the close supervision of a faculty member. For more information, please consult the Honors Program Advisor (the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Mellonee Burnim), or the undergraduate academic advisor, Krystie Herndon. Find the Honors Thesis Guidelines here.


The John W. Ashton Scholarships Award was established in 1970 by the daughter of John W. Ashton, Professor of English, Dean in the Graduate School, and a folklore scholar and enthusiast. It provides a biennial award of $500 to a major in folklore/ethnomusicology with a strong academic record.


Majors in Folklore and Ethnomusicology have successfully completed internships in local arts and cultural organizations as:

Off-campus internships have been arranged with the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis and the Washington (DC) Leadership Program.

Overseas Studies

IU offers overseas study programs in 16 languages (including English) in more than 25 countries throughout the world. Apart from earning college credits while learning about a country's culture, students also may make use of the overseas opportunity to conduct fieldwork and study music. Students in the department have chosen to study in Ghana, Australia and Europe, among other sites. Students should first contact the IU Overseas Study Office for information on programs and general IU policies.