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2011 Richard M. Dorson Memorial Lecture

On Tuesday, April 5, 2011, the department held the 1st Annual Richard M. Dorson Memorial Lecture at the historic Wells House, former home of Chancellor Herman B. Wells. The lecture was inaugurated by Roger Abrahams, Hum Rosen Professor of Humanities, Emeritus, at the University of Pennsylvania where he taught in the Department of Folklore and Folklife.

This lecture series is named for Richard M. Dorson, who is credited with establishing folklore studies as an academic discipline in the United States through his many years directing the IU Folklore Institute, beginning in 1956. He later chaired the Folklore Department, until his death in 1981. For these efforts, he has been called the "father of American Folklore."

The lecture, titled "The Zoot Suit Kid Goes Global: From Tango to Hip Hop," was attended by a packed house, including members of Dorson's family.

Photos by Pravina Shukla.

Roger Abrahams and Henry Glassie Roger Abrahams and Gloria Dorson
Roger Abrahams, Gloria Dorson, John McDowell The Wells House filling up.
Gloria Dorson, Henry Glassie, Roger Abrahams Roger Abrahams, Henry Glassie, Roland Dorson, Daniel Dorson, Patti Freeman Dorson, Gloria Dorson, John McDowell
John McDowell introducing Roger Abrahams. Roger Abrahams starting his talk.
Roger Abrahams Dinner at Samira Restaurant after the lecture and reception.
John McGuigan and Roger Abrahams Henry Glassie, Michael Dylan Foster, Diane Goldstein
Michiko Suzuki, Henry Glassie Nan McEntire, Pat McDowell