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2013-2014 Annual Faculty and Staff Photo

2016-2017 Annual Faculty and Staff Photo

Front Row: Elise Schnaars, Marysol Quevedo, Meredith McGriff, Ruth Stone, Pravina Shukla, Diane Goldstein, Krystie Herndon, Sue Tuohy
Second Row: Verlon Stone, Michelle Melhouse, Lorraine Cashman, Tim Lloyd, Jennie Gubner, Fernando Orejuela, Daniel Reed, Dave McDonald
Back Row: Chris Roush, John McDowell, Jon Kay, Robby Dobler, Angus Martin, Ray Cashman, Alan Burdette

Photo by Eleanor Hasken


Faculty Member Contact Research Interests

Brandon Barker

Kate Parker Horigan

800 E 3rd St, Rm 217

Folklore and embodiment; folk illusions; material culture and embodiment; American vernacular and country music; children's folklore; folklore and contemporary theories of mind; American foodways; folklore and early American life; sociolinguistics of the American South

Encounters Podcast Interview

Ray Cashman
Associate Professor; Director, Folklore Institute; Editor,
Journal of Folklore Research

800 E 3rd St, Rm 243
Ireland, UK, North America; oral traditions and verbal art; the ethnography of communication; performance studies; historical consciousness; commemoration; collective memory; nostalgia; politics of culture, identity, and tradition; sense of place and place-making; vernacular custom and material culture; theory, methodology, and ethics of fieldwork and ethnography

Robert Dobler

800 E 3rd St, Rm 215

Folk belief and vernacular religion; contemporary legendry; forms and processes of commemoration; theories of grief and mourning; folklore and the Internet

Encounters Podcast Interview

Rebecca Dirksen
Assistant Professor

Rebecca Dirksen

800 E 3rd St, Rm 257

Haiti and its diaspora; African Diaspora in the Caribbean and Latin America; cultural approaches to grassroots development; creative responses to crisis, disaster, poverty, and violence; dialogues of sustainability and diverse environmentalisms; intangible cultural heritage and cultural policy; applied/engaged/activist ethnomusicology

Diane Goldstein

Professor Diane Goldstein

800 E 3rd St, Rm 216
Belief studies, folk medicine, folk religion, supernatural traditions, applied folklore, the ethnography of speaking, and narrative

Jason Baird Jackson
Professor; Director, Mathers Museum of World Cultures

Jason Baird Jackson

Mathers Museum 110; 800 E 3rd St, Rm 249

Material culture, cultural performance, ethnology, cultural history, museum work

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Faculty Profile Video

Alisha Lola Jones
Assistant Professor

Alisha Lola Jones

800 E 3rd St, Rm 241

Religious music in the African diaspora; music of the "Black Pacific"; western european art music; global pop music; masculinities and men's studies; voice studies; gender and sexuality; music industry and arts entrepreneurship; gastromusicology; ecomusicology; future studies; music, religion and the media 

IU Faculty Spotlight Video

Jon Kay
Professor of Practice; Director, Traditional Arts Indiana

Jon Kay

800 E 3rd St, Rm 219; Mathers Museum of World Cultures

Public folklore; Indiana folklife; folk arts and aging; material culture; museums; occupational folklife; digital humanities

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Faculty Profile Video

David McDonald
Associate Professor; Chair of the Department; Director, Ethnomusicology Institute

David McDonald

800 E 3rd St, Rm 223

Israel/Palestine; performance ethnography; social theory; ethnomusicological study of violence and socio-cultural trauma

WFHB Interchange Interview

John H. McDowell
Professor; Editor, Journal of Folklore Research Reviews

Professor John McDowell

800 E 3rd St, Rm 239

Speech play and verbal art; the corrido of Greater Mexico; music, myth, and cosmology in the Andes; commemoration; folklorization; ethnopoetics; Latin America; the United States

Fernando Orejuela
Senior Lecturer
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Fernando Orejuela

800 E 3rd St, Rm 231

Hip hop music and culture; popular music; subculture studies; body art; youth cultures; children’s folklore; sports; game and play in culture; popular culture; pedagogy; United States

Daniel B. Reed
Associate Professor

Daniel Reed

800 E 3rd St, Rm 245

Africa; music and religion; mask performance; ritual; identity; popular music; immigration; transnationalism; diaspora; music and health

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Gregory A. Schrempp

Gregory Schrempp

800 E 3rd St, Rm 247

Myth, cosmology and worldview; comparative mythology; history of ideas; Oceania; North America

Pravina Shukla
Professor; Director of Graduate Studies

Pravina Shukla

800 E 3rd St, Rm 255

Folk art and material culture; body art; dress and costume; museum studies; food art and culture; India; Brazil; United States

Botkin Lecture at Library of Congress

WFIU Interview

WFHB Interchange Interview

Faculty Profile Video

Sue Tuohy
Senior Lecturer

800 E 3rd St, Rm 229

Ethnomusicology; film and music; intellectual history; music and socio-political transformation; music and culture in contemporary China; East Asia

Visiting Lecturer

Lecturer Contact Research Interests

Jennie Gubner

Jennie Gubner

800 E 3rd St, Rm 213

Popular music as a vehicle for social change in Latin America and the Mediterranean; applied/activist ethnomusicology and community engagement; music, dementia, and creative aging; digital scholarship with and emphasis on visual, multimodal, and sensory ethnographic methods; ethnomusicological filmmaking; tango music in local, global and transnational contexts; American bluegrass and old-time traditions; participatory music scenes

WTIU Video from Spring 2017 Music & Memory Service Learning Course

American Folklore Society

Indiana University
800 E 3rd St
Bloomington Indiana 47405-3700
Phone: 812-856-2379

Faculty & Staff Contact Areas of specialization
Tim Lloyd
Executive Director
800 E 3rd St, Rm 225

Foodways; occupational folklore; history of the field

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Lorraine Walsh Cashman
Associate Director
800 E 3rd St, Rm 227

Meredith McGriff
Membership Director
800 E 3rd St, Rm 221
Occupational folklore; material culture; pottery traditions in the U.S.; folklore and embodied experience

Archives of African American Music

and Culture

Indiana University
Smith Research Center, Suites 180-181
2805 E. Tenth Street
Bloomington Indiana 47408-2601
Phone: (812) 855-8547
Fax: (812) 856-0333

Faculty & Staff Contact Areas of specialization
Tyron Cooper
Director, Archives of African American Music and Culture  
Brenda Nelson-Strauss
Head of Collections/Technical Services Performing arts archives and recorded sound collections
William Vanden Dries
Administrator/Project Manager Audiovisual collections; digital archiving and preservation; information organization

Archives of Traditional Music

Indiana University
Morrison Hall 117 & 120
Bloomington, Indiana, USA 47405-3700
Telephone: (812) 855-4679
Fax: (812) 856-0193

Faculty & Staff Contact Research Interests

Alan R. Burdette
Director, Archives of Traditional Music

Morrison Hall Rm. 117

American vernacular music and dance; performance studies; German American singing societies; media and technology
Ilze Akerbergs
Coordinator for
Recording Services
Office Services Assistant 812-855-4679


Allison McClanahan


Folklore Librarian

Faculty Member Contact Research Interests

Moira Marsh
Folklore Librarian

Wells Library Rm. E760

Librarian for Anthropology, Folklore, Sociology, and Social Work;  Witchcraft; humor

Society for Ethnomusicology

Indiana University
800 E 3rd St
Bloomington Indiana 47405-3700
Phone: (812) 855-6672
Fax: (812) 855-6673

Faculty & Staff Contact  
Stephen Stuempfle
Executive Director

800 E 3rd St, Rm 211

Traditional arts and built environments in the Caribbean and the U.S.; colonialism and nationalism; history of folkloristics and ethnomusicology
Stephanie Sturgis
Program Specialist

800 E 3rd St, Rm 209