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The Ruth E. Aten World Doll Collection: Oceania

OCNZeal1. Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealand Maori Mother and Baby. Box included and describes doll: “New Zealand is a scenic wonderland, rich in a heritage of culture from the Maori people. This doll is dressed in a likeness to the traditional Maori costume. The dressing of the Maori was an intricate handcraft, with differing designs according to tribe and ranking within the tribe. Personal adornments consisted of Bone, Greenstone symbol of fertility worn around the neck, was highly valued and handed down from generation to generation. The Headbands and Bodies were woven in different patterns and design, also according to tribe. The Piu Piu, skirts made of flax, were carefully scraped to form a pattern, then dyed in the mud pools. Cloaks were made of various materials according to climate and ranking in the tribe.  Pois, made of Raupo, were originally used by the Warriors to keep their wrists supple for battle. Now they are used by the Warriors to keep their action songs, which tell various stories. The Spear, commonly used by Warriors, is called a Taiaha. Most of the Maori culture has been retained, and can be seen today by visitors to this unique land of New Zealand.” Given by Moira Smith (faculty). Moira is from New Zealand. 1998

Maori Mother and Baby, New Zealand