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Suggested Readings

List compiled by the faculty of the Folklore and Ethnomusicology Institutes at Indiana University, and intended as a representative sample of scholarship rather than as a definitive collection of titles.

Folklore Courses Ethnomusicology Courses

I. Reference tools
a. Bibliographic, encyclopedias, dictionaries, guides
b. Journals

II. Theory and method
a. Textbooks, general works
b. Anthologies, collections of essays
c. Theory and technique
d. History of folkloristic thought
e. Public arts and culture
f. Ethnography and fieldwork

III. Expressive forms and genres
a. Verbal (story and tale; ballad and epic; myth; conversational; oral literature; children's folklore;
b. Material Culture (theories and methods; surveys; architecture and landscape; dress and adornment; foodways; art and craft; individual artists and artisans;
c. Song and Music
d. Ritual, Festival, and Belief

IV. Regional studies

V. Related works

I. Theory and Method; Ethnographies

II. Regional Studies
a. African American
b. Africa
c. East Asia
d. Jewish
e. Latin American

III. Technology, Media, Music