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Joint MA/MPA

The Institute for European Studies (EURO) offers a dual Master's degree with the highly-ranked School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) for students interested in pursuing employment in the public or nonprofit sector. The dual degree is a three-year program that awards both an MA and MPA degree. Students can finish this dual program in 60 credit hours rather than the 78 credit hours necessary to earn the two degrees separately.

Why get an MA/MPA?

While SPEA courses focus on management, analytical skills, and professional development, the MA program gives students the opportunity to study languages, cultures, politics, history, and economics, gaining in-depth knowledge of a particular country or region. Cross-cultural knowledge can be beneficial for those who enter the public service and invaluable to those pursuing international careers. SPEA also offers several graduate-level study abroad programs in West European countries.


Master's degree requirements are outlined in the Graduate School bulletin.

Institute for European Studies Requirements:

Students take 24 credits in European Studies under the course requirements for the MA (under the MA/MPA regulations), including:

Category I: Core Courses (12 cr.)

  • European Politics/EU Studies
  • European History
  • Europe in the World
  • Research Seminar

Category II: Elective Courses (9 cr.)

Two of three:

  • One humanities course
  • One social science course
  • One literature/culture course tied to language of study


  • One general elective

Thesis (3 cr.)

Master of Public Affairs Requirements:

Students are required to complete 36 credit hours comprised of the MPA core and a specialized concentration:

  • MPA Core (18 credits):
    • V502 Public Management (3 credits)
    • V506 Statistical Analysis for Policy and Management (3 credits)
    • V517 Public Management Economics (3 credits)
    • V540 Law and Public Affairs (3 credits)
    • V560 Public Finance and Budgeting (3 credits)
    • V600 Capstone in Public and Environmental Affairs (3 credits)
  • Specialized Concentration (18 credits):
    • Students are required to develop a specialized concentration comprised of courses approved by a SPEA faculty adviser.

Students should consult the School of Public and Environmental Affairs for details regarding the MPA requirements for this joint degree.

Language Requirements

Proficiency of at least intermediate mid to intermediate high in one approved European language.


To be eligible for the dual MA/MPA program, students must apply to the two master's programs separately. A student must submit an application to and be accepted by the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) for study toward the Master of Public Affairs (MPA) and by the Institute for European Studies (EURO) in the Graduate School for study toward the Master of Arts degree.


The student must select a thesis advisory committee of at least three faculty members representing both EURO and SPEA. The Institute for European Studies adheres to thesis format and printing requirements set by the University Graduate School. Master's theses range in length from 50 to 75 pages, not to exceed 100 pages.


Students are ultimately responsible for verifying that they have indeed fulfilled all degree requirements. Candidates are advised to regularly meet with the Director to verify course schedules before registering and to confirm that all the necessary signatures and documents are on file.