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External International Resources

While Indiana University is home to many international resources both for students in EURO and the wider community, EURO is also connected to many resources outside the university. From scholarships to lesson planning, the links below provide tools to integrate Europe into your work, whatever your endeavors.    

Organizations for Scholars of Europe

Council for European Studies: a non-profit research council that supports and has many resources regarding European Studies, useful for anyone looking for fellowships, research networks, recent book news and articles, conferences, and anything else pertaining to studies on Europe

European News Links

For the latest European and European Union specific-news, visit these helpful (and free) websites:

  • BBC News Online: Inside Europe--A guide to the changing face of the European Union
    A great resource for background information on the EU's history and how it functions, also includes current news stories related to the European Union
  • CaféBabel: European Multilingual Web Magazine
    This multilingual European current affairs magazine includes the stories you won't find on the BBC or CNN from the perspectives of young Europeans.
  • CBBC Newsround
    A part of the Children's BBC site geared toward children ages 6-12 with news, photos, videos, games, activities, and quizzes.
  • Deutsche Welle
    Germany's international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, gives a European perspective on today's international headlines, available in 30 languages.
  • Economist: Europe
    A leading authoritative source for the analysis of world business and current affairs.
  • EUbusiness
    A comprehensive resource on EU law, business information, as well as political and economic analysis.
  • EUobserver
    This website is a non-profit news organization which engages in debates on and development of European affairs.
  • EUTube
    The EU's YouTube channel, with videos highlighting recent issues and policy initiatives. Also available in German and French.
  • EU News, Policy Positions, & EU Actors Online
    An independent media portal fully devoted to European affair sand concentrating on policy positions of EU Actors to influence policies already in the pre-legislative phase.
  • EuroNews: The European News Channel
    A leading international news channel covering world news from a European perspective. Available in multiple languages
  • Europa: EU Press Room
    Europa is the online portal for the EU; its Press Room provides up-to-date coverage on EU affairs and integration.
  • Europa World
    Reports on development issues from a European perspective. The target audiences are opinion, policy and decision makers, governmental and non-government organizations, and educational as well as the general public.
  • European Affairs online magazine
    The official magazine of the European Institute, which is dedicated to the exploration of European-American partnership and diplomacy.
  • European Voice
    The online version of the European Voice newspaper, the mission of which is to promote informed debate, openness, and progress.
  • EuroZine
    A network of European cultural journals, linking up over 100 partner journals and associated magazines from nearly all European countries, publishing articles from its partner journals, often available in translation as well.
  • Financial Times: Brussels Briefing
    A special section of the Financial Times devoted to the reporting and analysis of EU policy coming out of Brussels, the seat of the European Commission, Council of the European Union and the European Parliament.
  • International Herald Tribune: Europe
    The International Herald Tribune is the Global edition of the New York Times.  Linked here is the European news desk.
  • New Europe: The European News Source
    A European weekly carrying news and analysis from 49 countries with a particular emphasis on the EU institutions and EU-World relations.
  • Radio Netherlands Worldwide
    Provides news, background and cultural information on international headlines from a Dutch-European perspective.  Available in ten languages, including Dutch and English
  • Reference Desk: European Newspapers
    A huge clearing-house for English- and foreign-language newspapers categorized by European country of origin.
    Foreign language TV channels broadcasting news and entertainment programming in a variety of languages from all over the world. Search your local listings for availability and a complete schedule of programming.
  • European News
    A News magazine containing articles translated and reprinted from the press outside the United States as well as some originally printed materials.
  • European Newspapers & Magazines
    A directory of world newspapers and magazines, sorted by region, country, and political affiliation.