Reason: Time-scaling Audio

You can time-scale an audio clip — that is, stretch or shrink its duration — without affecting the pitch of the audio. You can do this either to a clip as a whole, or to specific parts of the clip. You can also quantize parts of a clip that have a strong rhythmic character to a note grid, just as you would for MIDI notes.

Time-scaling Audio in an Entire Clip

Working with Slices in an Audio Clip

Reason automatically segments audio files according to its estimation of transient peaks, or places where the audio suddenly gets louder. So in a drum loop, you would see transients for each drum hit. These segments are called slices in Reason. A slice is defined by two adjacent slice markers. You can move or delete existing markers, as well as create your own.

To see slice markers for an audio clip, double-click the clip to place it in edit mode.

The slice markers are the triangles with descending white vertical lines, which slice through the audio waveform at transients.

There are several things you can do with slices.

Tips for Working with Slices

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