Reason: Basic Mixer Operations

Every Instrument device in your rack has a Mix Channel device associated with it. Normally, you don’t create these — Reason creates them whenever you create an Instrument device. The Mix Channel device collects the sound produced by the Instrument device, and adjusts its volume and panning. It also lets you create a chain of Insert Effects for the device.

The Main Mixer contains a Channel Strip for each of the Mix Channel devices in your rack. The channel strip is like what you would find on a large mixing console in a recording studio. It lets you control the parameters of the Mix Channel device in your rack. It also interfaces with the Master Section of the Main Mixer, which is where all the individual Channel Strips send their sound for final processing before you hear the mix.

The simplest use of the Main Mixer is to create a static (unchanging) mix of your sequence. That means setting volume and panning for each of your Instrument devices.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Take note of the name of the device whose volume and panning you want to adjust.
  2. Choose View Main Mixer from the Window menu.
  3. Locate your device’s channel strip in the mixer. The device names are printed at the bottom of the channel strips.
  4. To change volume, adjust the volume fader.

  5. To change panning, adjust the pan knob: click on the knob, and drag straight up and down.

    Alternatively, you can make the volume and pan settings in the Mix Channel device that is right above the associated Instrument device in the rack.

  6. As you play your tracks, watch the meter in the Master Section to be sure that there is no clipping, which would produce distortion. You will know that your mix is clipping if you see the two red clipping indicators at the top of the meter. The mix pictured below is clipping. Fix this by reducing the level of the master volume fader to the right of the meter. Then you can press the RESET button to clear the clipping indicators.

  7. To learn much more about the Main Mixer, see The Main Mixer topic in the Help Viewer (Help > Reason Help).

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