N561 Information

N561 (graduate) students follow the Z361/K361 Syllabus, but more is expected of them...

The final project will be evaluated at a graduate level. In other words, it should be more substantial than what most undergrads produce. That means its duration should be at the high end of the range requested of all students, and its musical and/or technical content should be the result of the same degree of intensive effort expected in other graduate level courses. (This requirement is intentionally vague so as to allow you to focus on aspects that are most important to you. But focus on them intensively.)

In addition, a term paper on a computer music topic is due at the same time the final project is due. The paper should include 10 pages of text and a bibliography with at least five references. Submit a topic proposal and a list of references three weeks in advance.

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NOTE: For MIT minors, the term paper and final project will become part of the MIT portfolio and reviewed by the MIT faculty.

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