Final Project

The Final Project consists of music you produce using techniques learned in the course. There are no stylistic restrictions. The goal is to come up with something you like and is the result of a strong effort. This can’t be done well in only a couple of afternoons, so you will need to spend plenty of time on the project.

You will turn in an AAC file of your final project mix, as well as a project description and your Reason song file. See the bottom of this page for details.

Your grade will depend on your fulfillment of the technical requirements listed below, your project description, and my evaluation of your musical accomplishment.

WARNING: Please maintain multiple backups of all your data. It’s easy to lose all your work if your only up-to-date copy becomes corrupted somehow. Never work on your only copy of a project. Keep a history of the versions of your project: one for Monday, one for Tuesday, one for Wednesday, etc.

LOSS OF WORK DUE TO MEDIA OR FILE CORRUPTION WILL NOT EARN YOU AN EXTENSION! Anticipating problems and learning to back up your work is an important part of working with computers.

What to hand in

Here are the three items you must hand in by the due date. Read these very carefully before submitting anything, as your grade will depend partly on whether the materials you submit are prepared properly.

  1. Turn in an AAC file of your final project music, with your IU user name as the AAC file name. An MP3 file is also acceptable. Please add your title to the AAC or MP3 file using File > Get Info in iTunes. Submit this file, along with the other required files described below, in Canvas, in the Assignments section (instructions here).

    NOTE: Please do not submit uncompressed audio files (WAVE or AIFF)!

  2. Submit in Canvas a project description as a plain text (.txt), RTF (.rtf), or Word (.doc, .docx) file, just as you did for Exercise A. You may also type your description into the edit box on the Canvas submission page. Include:
    1. the basic musical idea(s) behind your piece,
    2. some techniques you employed,
    3. anything special you might want me to listen for, and
    4. a complete list of any sound files that are not part of the Reason factory banks (Factory Sounds, Orkester Sounds).
  3. Submit in Canvas the Reason song file you used to generate your project.

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