Assignment 3: Reason Programming

What we’re trying to do

The main point of the assignment is to make you comfortable enough with synthesizer and sampler parameters that you may then easily tweak the parameters of factory patches, so that the sound fits your music better.

What to turn in

The basic process

This assignment is divided into several parts, which you should do in order.

Anywhere you see DO THIS, you’ll know that it describes something you have to do as a requirement of the assignment. The requirements are summarized on the Assignment 3 checklist.

When you’re done, you should have a separate Reason file for each of the four assignment parts below. Please do not combine multiple parts of the assignment in one Reason file.

It is very important that your racks function correctly. That is, all the audio and other connections should be made so that the required devices produce sound as expected. That’s part of the grade!

Except for Part 4, you do not have to do anything in the Sequencer to demonstrate your patches.

Remember to follow the assignment submission instructions above!

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